Time to seek Grand Duke’s protection

Chinese New Year Is coming and there is lots of things that we need to understand and to do. While I remember I will be 23rd by  this year according to the Gregorian Calender, I suppose that I am 24th now following the lunar calendar. So I do escaped the negative incident. By the way Praying is what so important to do by Chinese New Year. It’s not always about festivals but it is about how you pray and wish at the new year eve so that you will have another 1 good year.

Enjoy the news from the star; http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2010/1/31/nation/5585712&sec=nation

Sunday January 31, 2010

Time to seek Grand Duke’s protection


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BATU GAJAH: The dawning of the lunar new year means that believers will once again seek protection from a deity known as the Grand Duke of Jupiter to ensure a good year ahead.

Caretaker of the century-old Kuan Tai Temple here, Chew Lam Sen, said it was common for people to request protection from the Grand Duke and to minimise bad luck.

Festive offerings: Chew showing the paper cuttings and effigies for the Chinese New Year ‘change of luck’ rituals.

Those who had previously sought protection would also have to show gratitude by making offerings to thank the Grand Duke, he said.

Another common ritual, he said, was the offerings of prayers to acquire good luck in the new year.

“Those who wish to go through the ritual has to be in the temple on certain days deemed good days according to the Chinese almanac,” said Chew, 70.

“However, we can use a paper effigy to represent them if they are unable to turn up in person.

“All that needs to be done is to write the person’s name at the back of a paper cutting and we will perform the change of luck ritual for them,” he said.

He said those born in the year of the Tiger, Monkey, Boar and Snake were deemed to have offended Tai Sui and should make offerings to him in the new year.

Those born in the year of the Horse and Dog would have to appease the “five ghosts”, he said, adding that those born in the year of the Tiger and Monkey would have to make offerings to the “sky dog”.

Chew said it was advisable for those whose age ended in the digits of three, six or nine this year to undergo the ritual to prevent negative incidents.

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