7 reasons why you should quit your job!


I know that quitting your job is not a simple task. You need to consider a lot of things when making this choice. I did quit my job last year in May 2016 and that is among the most difficult decision that I had ever made. And I understand it is not easy for you too.

But if you are facing these 7 reasons, I would gladly tell you quit your job. But before that plan ahead so that you have somewhere to grab on when you are in needs. And again plan ahead! Not just 1 plan but at a minimum 3 plans and add up as times goes by.

REASON #1: They are eating you

Every morning when you are in your office after facing all the traffic jam or after walking in the busy morning going to work, you found out that you table is still a mess. There were piles of documents, notes, and a bunch of task need to be done for that day and you cannot even finish it by the time work finish at 5pm. Due to that you think you should extend a few more hours to finish the job and finally at around 10pm without even going for dinner you feel tired and you tell yourself “I think that’s it for today, I will finish it tomorrow” and then you went home, ending your day from the tiring work.

The next day you are doing almost the same routine, go to work and going back home very late at night to complete your never ending work and this repeats every day except for your off day. If you are in this type of situation, what I can say is that you are overwork. Your boss or your company, they are eating you by asking you to work on an endless task. With this kind of situation, it is time for you to ask your boss to hire an additional staff to help you and of course normally they would say “NO!”.


REASON #2: You are under paid

Your company that you work with has announced that they had been making a good year with additional 20% profits. As a senior executive who works there, your pay is not good regardless of having to work from 8am to 10pm everyday and always meeting the company goals. You don’t even receive a bonus for your festivals and your increment is much lower than your friends. Also when you went out with your friends you found out that your salary is much lower than their salary given that all of you works in different company. If this situation occurs, the company is not paying you well. You are under paid!


REASON #3: You got no life

When your everyday is about waking up, go to work, went home, sleep and of course it will keep repeating until at some point you are not able to spend your time with your family and friends, this means that you got no life. Your only time with them is only on Sunday or on your personal leave (which your boss hardly approve).

Do you know that a good job will let you work under normal time 8am to 5pm then at night you will have time to play with your kids, hang out with your friends and even eat dinner with your family. Having a lot of things to be done other than your works is a great thing. With this you will be able to have your life back.


REASON #4: You have skills or certificates that can sell well in the industry

If you have work more than 4 or 5 years and at the same time you have gain some competency or professional certificates, it is a good reason to let yourself quit your job and find a new one. Lots of company out there is looking for people like you. They might pay you better than your current company.

With your work experience, some newly start company might need you. They normally will offer you a good remuneration package and it is much better than your current job. With the competency or professional certificates, you are unique. You have a big advantage compare to other people who does not have it.


REASON #5: Going to work is like going to war

Every night you tell yourself, tomorrow will be better. When you wake up in the morning you are in long thoughts finding an answer on what your boss might ask you later. Then when you go to work and in the daily performance meeting lots of stray bullets in the meeting room. Everyone keep on pointing at each other, heated arguments keep coming up, your boss keep on complaining even when you achieve the daily target.

Having this kind of work environment is not fun at all. It makes you afraid of going to work, and in the future it will shape you to become a different person (maybe someone who always have a “BUT”) and then this will entirely effect your life.


REASON #6: You got health problem

After a long time working under high pressure everyday, you found yourself in a serious health problem. Try consulting a doctor and ask them what to do. I guess first they will normally ask where you work, how is your job and lots other related to your daily life. Then finally the doctor will recommend you something, Can you find a less stressful job?

When you are having health problem, one of the cause is normally due to your current job. You might be under too much pressure everyday which causes you intake lots of sugar, caffeine, smoking and even causes you to have eating disorder and sleeping disorder. If this happen, it will physically affect you and the effect is really bad too.


Reason #7: You hate your job

Your current job is not what you want, it does not fulfill your dream job requirements. Plus you are not one who like to sit on the table working on thousands of documents. If your current job is not what you want, you will eventually started to complain and finally you will hate your job. If you are in this kind of situation, it is much better if you quit from the job before you will affect your colleague.



So if you are facing any of this, it is time to move on. There are thousands of companies out there that might need you and might think that your welfare is also important to ensure that you can work much more efficiently.

If you decided to move on and quit your job, again I would suggest you to make a few plans. Plans that would not have any flaws, plans that could evolve depending on situations. One of it will be finding an opportunities in a different company which has the lowest risk of failure. Or maybe become an affiliate marketer like me, or open your own business based on your core competency. With plans like this, you could save yourself and maybe even change your life to be much better.


Written by Papa Shally
I start blogging in 2008 but I have never take blogging seriously. And that is the biggest mistakes that I make in my life. In 2010 I almost stop blogging completely. I concentrate on my low paying day job and was too tired to even look at my blog. But then I still keep my blog and websites up. After 7 years, I realize that I cannot only depends on my day job. I could not afford being in the rat race 9 to 5 work and also on unpaid on-call work. Then I realize something, if I never stop blogging in 2010, I will have lots of audience by now. It takes few years for me to realize this mistakes. And now here I am again, creating a good content for you. I hope you can subscribe to my mailing list and also like my Facebook page. Also, if you found that my content is good, please share it with your friend. Thanks. - Papa Shally