The Author

Hi, I’m Shally or you can call me Leo or A-Liew.

Was born in a small town in Sabah. I like online and was hosting few website. I’m still studying in Universiti Malaysia Sabah and was 4th Year student of Chemical Engineering.

In my free time (which i steal my study time) I do blogging. There is a lot of things to talk about but there is always a limited space. Thanks to this wordpress software that i’ll be able to open up a blogging site without getting the hardship of learning the CMS (drupal, mambo, etc..etc…etc) which is time consuming but good to learn.

Other than this blog, I also own a few website which is running and developing;

  1. Technology Info
  2. Readers One Stop Portal
  3. Festivals – Online Photo Sharing
  4. Asia Top Broker

I also owned few other domain names which currently I’ve post in sedo. This domain name is quite interesting and you can send quotation of price if you would like to buy it;


This domain name is for sale and if you have any offer, please send an email to shally87[at]yahoo[dot]com.

Shally Martin