Question: Are MOBE a MLM?

People always ask me and I do ask myself many times before I become a MOBE Consultant. ARE MOBE a MLM?
The answer is NO.
We always connect MLM with Pyramid Scheme. Where there will be you, your 5 direct downline and a lot more people in level 1 downline, level 2 downline, level 3 downline, level 4 downline, level 5 downline  and so on. Plus Most MLM only sell membership and some confirm that you only need to register and no need to do anything and you will get tons of money back. And thus MLM become a scam business model and is banned in most country.
In MOBE we only talks about a company that does online business training and concentrates on affiliate marketing (Click here to check their full course). Imagine your local university who run an online business training and you can do the course online without going to the physical university building. That is MOBE!
MOBE concentrate on online business training for small business or you who want to build an online business. That is Part 1 of their business. Part 2 of their business is they want you to become their consultant. And it is depends on you to do it or not. Why do MOBE want you to become their consultant? Here is the answer. Since you want to have an online business, why start from the scratch? Why start when there is a potential that you will fail? Why not you do the proven business model and both MOBE and you win in the online business game? Thus MOBE started getting more consultants in which their business model is based on MOBE  online business training.
With MOBE, you will run a real business. You get a lead and they convert and you make a commission. If you did not get a lead, you won’t convert and won’t get commission. So like any other business you need to work sending traffic to your MOBE website.
A little bit that connects that MOBE take from MLM is the commission payment. In MOBE there will be 50% to 90% commission for selling the training to the lead and another additional 5% commission that will be given when your direct sponsors make a sales. And that’s it! But even this was not called MLM. This is called 2 tier commission.
So if you ask me are MOBE a MLM, my answer is the Pyramid could never happen and it is not a MLM.
You can Watch this video from Matt for further explanation on the question “Are MOBE a MLM” ;

So how do you find it?
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Written by Papa Shally
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