Artic with High temperature – Threat to Human mankind

This post like other news is a copy paste originally from the news so that i did not write something with different meaning. This news was taken from The Strait Times and before you read further, see what i said.

Thanks to the news that i have something to talk about this near exam week. By this time was waiting to go out and eat, but i’ll spend my few minutes to talk something. I think you remember the issue that i’ve been talking about in my previous post, if no you can have a look on Environment category.

Before this i’ve talk something about 5 fingers campaign. I’m still on it and still telling people that we have to move. Reading the news, making me afraid of what is going to happen to us in this coming years. For those who think it is not their responsible, then what i could say you are not someone who care about what type of world your children will live in the future.

Recent years i’ve seen engineers correcting the defects that was done before, Scientist researching on new green method. But i’ve never see anyone of the public aware of this. Public might aware of the extinction of the animal – maybe because they are living things. But when the global warming effect is getting tremendously worse, what will happen next? You care about animal is not something wrong, but you forgot if we did not keep our mother nature to it’s best, we won’t be seeing this animals again. Or maybe we never seen each other again.

What came to my mind right now was in the future when the temperature of the south and north pole become high, ice keep melting then causing the sea level rise above the land and finally we will start to stays in a floating land. That is not a good idea, I found not a single good thing if our home are floating on the water. Anyway it is just an imagination so you can just ignore it.

Waiting for the end of 2008, the ice will melt little by little. Then we might see on 2013 one country start to build barrier to keep their country safe from the sea. Maybe i guess Japan will start doing this, but this gives no effect. They are not safe, in coming years Sea level hiking as the ice melt, If Japan were to make a tall water barrier, the barrier will at last collapse because of the earthquake in their country. Why did i give Japan as an example? I was actually telling you that not even a barrier can overcome the problem when the sea level is out of control.

What we can do now is change. But first change ourselves. Become more responsible to your living style by using the latest enhance green technology which will reduce the rate of our earth rotten. I was not thinking everyone is rich but at least this is for those who have a lot of extra. If there is 1 billion people out there can use an enhance green technology, doesn’t it become something so supporting? Why not you become the start to yourself.

Anyway, Stop talking more on this, if i talk more you might get confuse with my circulating words but my main point was Let us be the starting of going green. Being Green can reduce the global warming effect and will directly helps in lowering the world temperature. In returns the ice will melt more slower than now. Start to prevent i now or we’ll have to suffer soon.

*p/s – Thanks for the news Ben.

Arctic temp 5 degrees higher

In the 2008 report, atmosphere, sea ice and Greenland are coded red, indicating that the changes are strongly attributed to warming. -- PHOTO: AFP

In the 2008 report, atmosphere, sea ice and Greenland are coded red, indicating that the changes are strongly attributed to warming. -- PHOTO: AFP

WASHINGTON – AUTUMN temperatures in the Arctic region are a record 5.0 degree Celsius higher than normal due the melting of the ice cap, a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) report said on Friday.

‘Changes in the Arctic show a domino effect from multiple causes more clearly than in other regions,’ said NOAA oceanographer James Overland, lead author of the report titled The Arctic Report Card 2008 published on NOAA’s website.

‘It’s a sensitive system and often reflects changes in relatively fast and dramatic ways,’ the scientist said.

As the ice cap over the Arctic melts due to global warming, more ocean water is exposed and heated by the sun’s rays, the report said.

The warmer air and ocean water affect animal and plant life in the region and melt the permanent ice shelf, which in recent years has shrunk by some 38 cubic kilometres and is the leading cause of the global rise of sea levels.

2007 was the warmest year on record in the Arctic region, followed closely by 2008. This continues a general Arctic-wide warming trend that began in the mid-1960s.

The Arctic Report Card is a NOAA initiative begun in 2006 to monitor evolving conditions in the Arctic region, including the atmosphere, sea ice, ocean water, animal and plant life, Greenland, and the general land mass.

In the 2008 report, atmosphere, sea ice and Greenland are coded red, indicating that the changes are strongly attributed to warming. Three other areas – biology, ocean and land mass are coded yellow, indicating mixed signals.

In the 2007 report two areas were coded red – atmosphere and sea ice, and the remaining four yellow.

This year, for the first time a scientific expedition was able to navigate the fabled Northwest Passage linking the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans along Arctic waters bordering Russia and North America because they were free of ice, the German institute Alfred Wegener announced on Friday.

‘The scientific research vessel Polarstern returned this morning from the Arctic to Bremerhaven (northern Germany). It was the first ship to have crossed the Northwest and Northeast passages’ without having to break any ice, an institute spokesman told AFP.

The Arctic ice cap, which in August saw its largest seasonal melting since satellite observations began 30 years ago, completely disappeared in the Northwest and Northeast passages in September, the European Space Agency confirmed on October 7. — AFP

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