Atukoi! Marketplace

Introduction to Atukoi! Marketplace

Online marketplace was an idea that I want to do for quite a long time now. With this idea as the core, I started to find a good domain name. And by the end of June 2017 I found and purchased a domain name from one of the domain name registrar. Then after a few months and long hour of working on this, Atukoi! Marketplace started to go online around end of October 2017.

It has a really simple concept which is free market that charge you only when you make a sales transaction. This means that you won’t be charge anything in Atukoi! Marketplace, and you only get charge when someone is buying from you. So literally you can start selling with almost 0 costs (you still have cost for your products and shipment).


Buy online at Atukoi! Marketplace

If you are looking for things that you want to buy online, consider visiting Atukoi! Marketplace at It is a new marketplace featuring item from around the world. Right now it is selling item as featured and sold in

Atukoi! Marketplace have wide range of products such as womens, mens and childrens clothing, electronics, toys and lots more which makes this marketplace to have large varieties of products. With lots of products been uploaded everyday, I am sure that this will make your shopping experience online to be much better.


Sell online at Atukoi! Marketplace

Other than buying online, you can also become a seller at Atukoi! Marketplace. With the increasing item sold in Atukoi everyday, it is expected that Atukoi! will house large database of products in which will help more buyer coming to the site and increase the numbers of buyers buying from Atukoi Marketplace.

So if you are an online seller, you are recommended to join this marketplace since it has a bright future ahead due to the large product database which also contribute to large natural traffic coming from the search engine. To become a seller is really simple and it is free too. There is no Set up fee, no monthly fee and no hidden fee. The only fee imposed on seller is 10% processing fee from the products when there is a purchase transaction.

To be accepted as a an online seller, you will need to open an account and apply to become a vendor. Once you have submitted your application form, you need to also submit your supporting documents to Atukoi! Marketplace by opening a support ticket in the site. Once approved, you are able to start selling.


Payment Method @ Atukoi! Marketplace

The only payment method supported in Atukoi! Marketplace is Paypal. Paypal is a large and international company trusted by big community around the world. You can open a paypal account (which is recommended to receive more benefits from Paypal) or you can input your credit card directly without being a registered user.

I am aware of the existing payment method online. But for security reason, I consider paypal to be one of the safest payment processor. Plus paypal also provide transaction protection which will protect you from any misconduct when doing any transaction. While at Atukoi! Marketplace all seller will be personally verified, which create the first layer of protection to the buyer, having paypal payment will give a second layer protection and also better assurance to the buyer. This will then leads to a safer online shopping experience for everyone.

So if you want to have a safer online shopping experience, why not try out Atukoi! Marketplace.


More coming…

In addition to the service that is currently provided by Atukoi! Marketplace, I am also building a dedicated Atukoi! community which will boost safer online selling in Atukoi!.

With this online community, Atukoi! marketplace will then become a very useful tools for you to take your business to a higher level.


Written by Papa Shally
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