Backlinks and you

Many did not know that backlinks is very important to a website. It was important because the more backlinks that you have the higher your page rank will be. When your page rank increase, then  your website will be more important to google and maybe for other search engine and thus created more traffic to your site.

Since google is the number 1 search engine in the world, so this whole article is only in google point of view. And I guess, some of the search engine out there has google style of page ranking too. So it wll be a double earn for you.

Back to the topic, after knowing backlinks is so important, so what type of backlinks that will take google’s attention the most? There exist 2 types of backlinks in which it is a both sided links or a single sided links. Both sided means, I have your link in my website and you have my line in your website. While the single side link is having link only on one site. Which is usually can be seen when you are commenting someone’s blog  and you leave your url there. Or also can be seen when you submit your link to a directory.

In both type of backlinks, google would have preferred the single side link. The reason for this is to make the search database better. Because, there exist tons of reciprocal link script which helps user to get backlinks witout much effort and will help users to get backlinks in no time. This is also on some point is called backlink harvest. When a script like this exist, the search database is polluted with low quality websites and thus will means low search quality for google. This will then causes the user of google search to decrese if there is no measure taken.

So google decided that, they will only take attention on a site with single sided backlinks. When this occur, those with single sided backlinks will have their page rank increase and thus gives them higher traffic which came from the search engine itself. So with this, google could actually lowered the low quality search and thus make sure that the users of google search engine will not run to other places such as yahoo search or bing!.

But how do you make a single sided backlinks?  One step which is the most basic for this is, commenting on other people’s blog. The more you comment, the more you leave your url then the more you will get a backlinks to your site. This was a powerful way for you to increase your page rank. Since when you are commenting to other people’s blog, you will get more people of that blog to read your comment. So don’t you think it is like drinking while swimming? Where you could get the readers of the site to come to your site and get your site a better coverage from google search engine.

Another step that you could take is submitting your site to a social bookmarking site such as technorati’s or digg. When you submitted your site there, it is almost like you commenting a post. But with this, you get your post ranked by them too. The higher your post ranked, the more popular is your post and more readers will read it thus you will get more people to your site. With this,  it will double your traffic faster than you could get in commenting other people’s blog.

One other way to get backlinks is by posting a high quality post and being the first to write it out. With that, other people will cite your post and you will have backlinks if they left the sources where they get the information from. With this you are able to get backlinks without commenting people’s blog. But doing this is not really a simple task because the topic that you will need to talk about is hard to find. If there exist a topic that no one ever talk about maybe it is a new invention or maybe the niche is so unpopular that no one ever interested to talk about it.

So getting more backlinks in your site will give your site a better performance in google search. With this, more traffic will go to your site. So work hard on it while working on your post too.

Written by Papa Shally
I start blogging in 2008 but I have never take blogging seriously. And that is the biggest mistakes that I make in my life. In 2010 I almost stop blogging completely. I concentrate on my low paying day job and was too tired to even look at my blog. But then I still keep my blog and websites up. After 7 years, I realize that I cannot only depends on my day job. I could not afford being in the rat race 9 to 5 work and also on unpaid on-call work. Then I realize something, if I never stop blogging in 2010, I will have lots of audience by now. It takes few years for me to realize this mistakes. And now here I am again, creating a good content for you. I hope you can subscribe to my mailing list and also like my Facebook page. Also, if you found that my content is good, please share it with your friend. Thanks. - Papa Shally