Do you believe in Fake Review?

Do you believe in Fake Review?

If you ask me that, I would say no. But not many know that it is a scam review.

Today I went to google for a few affiliate marketers names and I stumble upon a review on that affiliate marketer and I decided to click on it.

As I was there, I saw that they review a product by that affiliate marketer and in my opinion it is truly a lame and fake review. The review is 100% downgrading the affiliate marketer and at the same time they are promoting their product.

In the past few years that I left affiliate world I think most thing has gotten rotten. Much rotten than what it was previously. People started to openly bad mouthed other people’s products while at the same time promoting their product. The affiliate marketers no longer have marketing etiquette. This spark wars on both sides and I believe this affiliate marketer is going to sue them soon.

Now I understand how MOBE was attacked and why MOBE decided to go with a law suit (Click to view).  And MOBE founder Matt Lloyd also told to just neglect the fake review and keep on promoting. For me that is the right way to do it since we run a legal business.

Not only MOBE but SBI which is not affiliated with MOBE also received the same attack (Click here to read)

So following the attitude shown by fake review through their posting, it is no longer the fight of the best product, it is no longer the fight of improving affiliate marketing, it is no longer the fair fight. Now it is the fight of killing other competitor by making a fake review and at the same time selling your product.

But I believe this won’t last long. the owner of the fake review will eventually have to face the consequences of their fake review. They will become a laughing stocks since they has no other way to fight the competition other than making a fake review. They seems so desperate to have you to join them while they do not have a solid products to begin with.

So if you are given a chance to find a site like this, this is just an advice from me. You can spot that they are making a fake review when they do one of these things;

  • Promote their product in the side bar
  • Promote their product through popup box

  • Make comparison A vs B and put the worse rating of other people’s product and the best rating for their products

  • Through your reading they promote their program free and said other program is expensive and so on but they do have an expensive product too.
  • They mentioned that other program had upsell but their program also has upsell so just beware of it.

So if you are searching for a real honest review, it should normally goes this way;

For any Negative Review or Positive Review

  • No promotion of any other product (IMPORTANT)
  • Do not have any masked url to their own product
  • Their whole website do not promote any product
  • They are review site and not only for affiliate marketing but other products such as hosting, telco, software, and much more internet product (100% no selling)

If you stumble upon a review site, always make sure you know that they will not dupe you. Remember very well that Fake Review will cost you a lot more since once you trusted their fake review, you will close your world to other product. You will be in their world and it will be hard for you to come out since you are scared to take other opportunities.

Written by Papa Shally
I start blogging in 2008 but I have never take blogging seriously. And that is the biggest mistakes that I make in my life. In 2010 I almost stop blogging completely. I concentrate on my low paying day job and was too tired to even look at my blog. But then I still keep my blog and websites up. After 7 years, I realize that I cannot only depends on my day job. I could not afford being in the rat race 9 to 5 work and also on unpaid on-call work. Then I realize something, if I never stop blogging in 2010, I will have lots of audience by now. It takes few years for me to realize this mistakes. And now here I am again, creating a good content for you. I hope you can subscribe to my mailing list and also like my Facebook page. Also, if you found that my content is good, please share it with your friend. Thanks. - Papa Shally