Do you like if I give you a free trip to China?


Think about it again. A free trip to China without you using your own money to pay for accommodation, foods, drinks and even transportation to go around. Plus, it is organize by a registered travel agency that I have partnership with.

So how does it sound? Going for a trip with a group of people who also got their free trip from the same way that I am going to show you. A trip with a registered tour agency in Malaysia which will make your travelling safer. And a great saving without you having to take out much money from your pocket to pay for this trip.

Let me get this to you straight.

Do you know how much will it cost you when you want to travel to China?

If you do some research from local company in Kota Kinabalu, you will learn that most of the trip to China will cost you from RM2000/pax to almost RM5000/pax. Not only in Kota Kinabalu but most of the tour agency in Malaysia also has almost the same price.

And this makes my offer to be much better compare from you buying a travel package from any of the tour agency, since like I said this is a free trip to China.

"In Malaysia the average cost for a trip to china range from RM2000/pax to RM5000/pax"

So what trip am I talking about?

There are 4 options and you are able to pick 1 for every offer.

 5 Days 4 Night Beijing Tour

Where you will be visiting places such as Tian An Men Square, The National Centre, Forbidden City, Great Wall, Summer Palace and much more.

 5 Days 4 Night Guilin Tour

Where you will be visiting Guilin Rongshanhu Scenic Area such as Jiuqu Bridge, Gunanmen, Large Bayan Tree, Riyue Shuangta cultural park, Shili Galleri and much more.

 6 Days 5 Night Zhangjiajie Tour

Where you will be visiting Pheonix Ancient City, Hongqiao Bridge, Hanging House, Jiang Tuo, Tujia Folk Customs Park, Hunan Movie Shooting Place, Grand Canyon, Wulingyuan Scenic Area, Bailong Ladder and much more. 

 8 Days 7 Night Shanghai Tour

Where you will be visiting White Pagoda Park, Wansong College, Yiwu, Prime Minister Mansion, Chen Ge House, Temple of The Sea, Haining Leather Mall, Suzhou, Lihu Park, Yi Ou Shopping Village, Nanjing Road Shopping District, Shanghai Pujiangqing Acrobatics Show and much more.

Well what do you think?

I am giving you a free trip where you will be able to visit a lot of place in China. And it is a lot more than what  I have listed above.

So if you really want it, here is what you have to do. I will always come with great offer that I can share with you, so first fill in your information below and subscribe to my mailing list. I will send the link to your email on what you have to do next to get your free trip to China.

It won’t take long until you know what you have to do next. And I promise that I will keep your information only to myself. If you subscribe to me I will also keep updating you with lots of good offer that you can get and some of it is free.

This offer last until 23rd of January and limited to 100 free trip only.
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