Clinic & Surgery Hilltop Nosoob

Just want to tell everyone about this clinic. I went there with my mom, nephew and brother-in-law as my mom’s finger having some problem. Where her ring finger (i call this sweet finger – yeah you know it is sweet as ring goes there when you get married.) cannot really close. Can move but when she closing all her finger, the ring finger did not touch the palm.

As we went to Clinic and Surgery Hilltop Nosoob, we meet with Dr. Amarjeet Singh [MBBS (Manipal), Fage (Man)]. He is a nice person to talk with and his service was superb, as you can ask many things related to the sickness and he will explain from A to Z with the simplest word that we can understand.

I think he is specialized with human bones (Hope you correct this when you saw my blog Dr. Amarjeet). As I can mostly his poster is about human bones. Too bad that i don’t know how to say this specifically but i just write as long as you can understand.

Back to my moms finger, this actually something that might happen to all of us. It was when you the tendons all stick together as a group and is not individually. For a normal function, the tendons must be separated, so that for example when we close our fingers, it will gives more space as it bend. But for the problem that happen, the tendon was glued together in a group causing it was hard to bend when we closing our fingers.

Imagine a tendon as a 3 flexible stick that is separated, when we compress it the stick will bend either to the left or to the right. But when we have a 3 flexible stick that was glued together, when we bend it, it just bend to one side and the energy that we need to put for this is larger compared to 3 separated stick. This was applied in tendons as there is so little space for the tendon to bend. If they are sticked together, it will be concentrated in one place, while if it was not stick together, they will use the area around the palm giving the finger to close as a normal finger.

Maybe my explanation above is not too good, but I go with this one, exercise your palm by massaging at the joints of your finger with the palm. Remember this was a good thing compared to having a small surgery which is painful or being injected with medicine.

About Dr. Amarjeet Singh clinic, it was located at Sembulan bypass. If you are from Penampang, follow the Sembulan bypass until you reach a small town, you can see 2 clinic there and his clinic is Clinic and Surgery Hilltop Nosoob.

Below are the full address;

Klinik & Surgeri Hilltop Nosoob
Dr.Amarjeet Singh
Lot 6 Ground Floor, Block A, Plaza Grand Millenium
Penampang / Donggongon New By-Pass
89500 Penampang, Sabah, Malaysia
Tel: 088731088
Fax: 088731089
Email: drajeet65 [@] yahoo [ dot] com

Consultation Hours
Mon top Sat : 8am – 10pm
Lunch Hour : 12.30pm – 2pm
Sunday & Public Holiday 8am – 5pm

Some pictures taken there:

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