Cutting Down Trees For State Fund

This is what i saw on Todays TV3 News. Cutting down the reserve forest for state fund. Was searching the headlines in The Star but i didn’t found any.

Anyway talking about the topic above, the news did talk about Kedah MB said that they are going to cut down the reserve forest to increase Kedah annual income. The reserve forest valued about RM600billion and for cutting and selling the trees, Kedah Goverment gain about 100Million annually.

Few things came to mind, does Kedah don’t have other business until they want to cut down the reserve forest? Does Kedah are too poor until they take the destruction of the reserve forest to help their people? Does Malaysia Government did not include Kedah in their budget 2009?

For any questions and reasons, the only thing that we must protect is the destruction of the reserve forest. Cutting down the trees might help Kedah to get more money and the MB salary is protected but did they ever think of what will happen in the future as the destruction of the forest? They might stay in an aircond room, why not try to stay in a fan room for a week and feel the pain of those who live on this hot world. Did Kedah MB ever think of the future effect? Isn’t there is other strategy that can generate more income for their state?

When we think about our todays environment, it has been a 29 degree celcius with hot wind compare to before 27 degree celcius. By cutting down more trees, the world would have been more hotter in the coming years and we are more closer to the hell on earth.

Lots and lots of strategy could be done to earn money for the state government but why cutting down trees is their action? Maybe there is something behind all this. But who knows, if we were to talk about this, so sure that we’ll be stepped by their power.

By the way, I would personally ask you to join me in stopping the destruction of the reserve forest. You might write anything about the destruction of reserve forest and link back to me (if possible) and please support in the movement of Saving Reserve Forest in Malaysia.

Spread the word – Urging Kedah MB’s to stop the cutting down of the Trees in Reserved Forest. Stop deforestation Now!!

Join and Save the Forest.

Written by Papa Shally
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