Destiny Online Bot v1.1

Since I created the lame bot for Destiny online few weeks back, i tested it using my warrior character and it does run quite well on my pc. As to make the bot easier to understand and less things to edit, so I do some minor changes on it. So below is the whole of the script edited from the Destiny Bot 1.0

; Destiny Bot 1.1
; By Shally Martin
; Http://

HotKeySet(“{END}”, “close”) ;So that we can press “END” to stop the script in case something goes wrong. ALWAYS do this!

WinWaitActive(“xxx”) ;The script waits for the window named “xxx” to become active. Remember to change it using the correct windows name or else it wont be functioning
WinSetOnTop(“xxx”, “”, 0)
$win = “xxx”
WinMove($win, “”, 0, 0) ;This is the thing added s you wont need to change the other value unless there is some bug.
$k = 1

Until $k = 2 ;Loop Repeated non stop since $k is always 1. So you need to press End key to stop the script

Func _monstersearch()

$w = 1
ControlSend($win, “”, “”, “{Tab}”) ;Select Nearest Monstor
ControlSend($win, “”, “”, “{Tab}”) ;Select Nearest Monstor
If PixelGetColor(461, 39) = 0x397594 Then ;If the monster is selected then attack

ControlSend($win, “”, “”, “2”) ;send key 2 for the 2nd Skill
Sleep(1000) ;stop for 1 sec
ControlSend($win, “”, “”, “1”) ;send key 1 for the 1st Skill
Sleep(1000) ;stop for 1 sec
If PixelGetColor(107, 62) <> 0xFF7531 Then ;Look if HP is less than specified (Only Instant HP should be used)
ControlSend($win, “”, “”, “9”) ;Press 9 for + instant HP
ControlSend($win, “”, “”, “3”)

If PixelGetColor(68, 74) <> 0x1069FF Then ;Look if MP less than specified (Only Instant MP should be used)
ControlSend($win, “”, “”, “0”) ;Press 0 for + instant MP
ControlSend($win, “”, “”, “4”)
ControlSend($win, “”, “”, “7”)

Until PixelGetColor(461, 39) <> 0x397594 ;Keep repeating until the selected monster died

ControlSend($win, “”, “”, “{Space}”) ;Loot item
ControlSend($win, “”, “”, “8”) ;Training Scroll

;Random Move Start
$LowerLimit = 58
$UpperLimit = 715
$randomx = Random($LowerLimit, $UpperLimit, 1)
$lowery = 120
$uppery = 542
$randomy = Random($lowery, $uppery, 1)
ControlClick($win, “”, “”, “Left”, 1, $randomx, $randomy)
$w = 2
Until $w = 2
EndFunc   ;==>_monstersearch

Func close() ;This is a function and doesn’t actually run unless you tell it to. For example
EndFunc   ;==>close

So there is not much added inside. But i added the winmove on the script so that the windows of the game will move to 0,0 location.

Other than that, if there is some problem u need to change it according to your need. Plus, always remember to play it on windows mode and not full screen mode. On the windows mode, please make sure that you did not block the HP and MP bar so that the pixel search will be functioning well. Also you are advisable to minimize your mini map.

Earlier, I’ve mentioned about one bug and keep it as a secret. But since I’m really new to this, the word detection seem hard to do. So with that I was not able to solve it. Sorry for being so high about my lame skill but I’ll try to fix it soon.

Also one little bug inside the script was, sometimes it will click on itself. so if you have solution on it, feel free to tell me.

Written by Papa Shally
I start blogging in 2008 but I have never take blogging seriously. And that is the biggest mistakes that I make in my life. In 2010 I almost stop blogging completely. I concentrate on my low paying day job and was too tired to even look at my blog. But then I still keep my blog and websites up. After 7 years, I realize that I cannot only depends on my day job. I could not afford being in the rat race 9 to 5 work and also on unpaid on-call work. Then I realize something, if I never stop blogging in 2010, I will have lots of audience by now. It takes few years for me to realize this mistakes. And now here I am again, creating a good content for you. I hope you can subscribe to my mailing list and also like my Facebook page. Also, if you found that my content is good, please share it with your friend. Thanks. - Papa Shally