Dr M to name those involved in money politics

Nice move he has there. This also tells us that there is no many person that we can call a Clean Politician or maybe there is really no clean politician.

This how the world that we live right now is ruled.

  1. No money, no talks.
  2. You got money I tail you, you broke I tail him.
  3. Easiest way to win is by paying out for a relationship
  4. Win win situation but still I win more than you win
  5. You are paid to do the job (even doing the worse task)
  6. etc etc etc

There suppose to be a lots more but this is what i think for now. So the best for us as the citizen, we just keep quiet and talk a little bit about it as if there is really someone that is clean to rule, it will be once in a blue moon.

Anyway if they are not there, do you dare to rule?? Ask yourself, so the best just follow the flow. And when the flow divide into 2, choose the one you think give you the safest position.

We are live to survive in this greedy world…

The rest of the news was here.

Written by Papa Shally
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