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This was something to share to everyone. You can link to the original Article here.. This year I was studying environment and the subject was interesting and concern me a lot. Just bear in mind how long our earth can stand all the harsh thing that we done to him.

Rising of Sea Level – The cause

When we are talking about the cause of the rising sea level we are actually pointing on the melting ice of north pole and south pole. This was the main cause of rising of sea level.

But behind it what could it be? What does caused the melting ice? This was actually so simple. It was Us who caused everything. It start from us. By the time passing by, we keep on developing new technologies. Starting from the ancient stone age, we already develop technology which contribute to the disasterous moment of the earth. Starting from the creation of a way to light a fire to the creation of a technologies such as transportation to enhance the human living.

Anyway by that time everything seems not to harm the world. What was seen in people’s eyes is the lots of money that they could gain from their invention. As money is their target, they forgot to making sure the most important thing is included in their invention.

The creation of the first steam engine using coal for example, this was created to give an easy life to human. But the thing is they did not study the emmision of gases that is harmful to life and environment. Only when problem occurs where people suffer from severe decease caused by the gas that they started to make lots of studies on this field.

By the time human started to studies the effect of an invention to environment, world has already started to get rotted. But it always not to late. Lots of research was done to prevent the world than getting worse.

In the issue of the sea level rise which is caused by the melting ice, we are seriously pointing 1 finger to other people and 4 fingers to ourself. What i mean was, we ourself was the biggest contdibutor to the melting of the ice.

1st Finger for using technologies improperly especially vehicle (when the engine was not service it would emits more gas)
2nd Finger for using home appliance which has not been enhance it’s technology to become enviro-friendly
3rd Finger for not taking any measure to prevent on pollution of the planet
4th Finger for being so greedy on finding money and never takecare of what happening to the environment
5th Finger for pointing to other people who never tell us what to do on curing this world

We ourselves has caused global warming which contribute to a hot earth as more sun can enters through the earth ozones. We ourselves has caused the ozones to get thinner, we ourselves has never think that this world is getting rotten. So with that, this caused the ice to melt as the world is hotter and the ice cannot stays in its initial form and it started to change phase to become water. Little by little as the ice melt, the water will join the sea and caused the sea level to rise. If north pole and south pole having ice on the whole place including it’s ground and mountain, this means when the mountain of ice started to melt and goes to the sea, it was like having an water to flow on the nearly overflow basins. Then when time come, the basins cannot bears it anymore and it started to flow the water to the floor.

The land we have now is being the floor and when water started to get into us, our land would be surrounded by water. Remember that almost 70% of the earth is consist of water. So if it were to happen then sooner or later we would not have a land anymore.

Rising of sea level – the cure

Time to make a difference. So we do a 5 fingers campaign.

1st Finger – I care, You know what happening to our world now and you care, start to use a technology enhance stuff for example electric car, or a machine with a better efficiency just to lower down the harmful gas emission. Use an enhance home appliances and check the appliances weekly or monthly just to learn does it cause any harmful to our environment.
2nd Finger – I dare, dare to do something for example dare to make a movement  or protest against the technology that is old but still in use
3rd Finger – I aware, be aware of the latest news on environment and makesure that you do the do’s
4th Finger – I  greedy, respond to the latest environment threats and  lets your greedyness become greedy to invent new stuff  to curing the environment. Start thinking new invention that could be sell which help to cure the earth.
5th Finger – I spread, spread the word on the latest problem and way to cure it. Let friends and family know the do’s and dont’s, also educate them with the environment effect to us and the future generation.

This is only my ideas but we can fully do it.
Make it become one of our daily life mission, Make money while curing something. Isn’t it great!!

Anyway talking about cure to the rising of sea level, we are actually talks about curing the causes first. We need to cure the global warming which is most probably caused from the reflection of the sun light by the mirror building that we created. It’s not that mirror building is not good, it was beautiful but we have to find a way to beautify it so that it will be more environment friendly. Why not we invent a machine which can turn the energy from heat to generate electricity? This was not a bad idea either but how to do it? It was something that we cannot see and it was something that we feel.

Then another cause that we have to cure is the emission of gas. If you ever sit in a car, you should have know what gas was emitted by the car. If you ever use an air conditioner you should have know what gas needed to cold your house. The emission of Carbon Dioxide and Refrigerant 134 was hazardous to our ozone. Plus with the global warming this two is a great threat to the Ice. Emission of gases causes the thinning of our ozone layer. We have to start on making new technology on reusing Carbon dioxide or recapture the R134. Maybe the technology of reusing carbon has been develop but what about recapturing the refrigerant gas? How you gonna capture a gas which emitted to the air and mix with Nitrogen, oxygen an hydrogen gas? How you differenciate it? it was something we have to think about.

There might other causes as well, sorry if my lack of knowledge missed some of the main causes. Anyway you can google or yahoo on the web to search info on this.

RIsing of sea level – The future we might face

Here i inject you with an article of today news..

Sea level rise by 2100 ‘below 2m’
By Richard Black
Environment correspondent, BBC News website

A revamp of the Thames Barrier is likely as sea levels rise

A revamp of the Thames Barrier is likely as sea levels rise

Sea levels globally are very unlikely to rise by more than 2m (7ft) this century, scientists conclude.

Major increases would have to be fuelled by a faster flow of glaciers on the Greenland or Antarctic ice sheets.

But writing in the journal Science, a US team concludes that a rise of 2m would need glaciers to reach speeds that are “physically untenable”.

However, even increases substantially less than 2m would cause major issues for many societies, they say.

“Even a sea level rise of 20cm (8in) in a century will have quite dramatic implications,” said Shad O’Neel from the US Geological Survey (USGS).
“This work is in no way meant to undermine the seriousness of climate change, and sea level rise is something we’re going to have to deal with,” he told BBC News.

Al Gore’s documentary An Inconvenient Truth received some criticism for implying that a rise of 20ft (6m) was possible in the near future, although it did not give a definite timeframe.

By contrast, this latest research tallies broadly with the conclusions of other groups that have examined the question using different approaches.

Fast work

In its landmark assessment of climate change published last year, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) concluded that sea level rise would probably fit in the range between 28 and 43cm over the century, although 59cm was a possibility.

The current rate is about 3mm per year.

But the IPCC specifically excluded the mechanism able to produce the biggest amounts of water quickly – acceleration in the flow of ice from the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets, the world’s two major ice masses that would between them raise sea levels by about 70m if they completely melted.

Most of the ice comes off in glaciers. Scientists know that many of the glaciers have accelerated in recent years – some quite spectacularly. The Jakobshavn glacier in Greenland, for example, doubled its speed in six years to about 12km per year.

But the processes involved are poorly understood, and the IPCC concluded that on that basis it would be unreasonable to draw any conclusions about how far the acceleration might go.

The acceleration of glaciers is not well understood

The acceleration of glaciers is not well understood

Individual scientists, however, have not be so coy. The team behind the current research looked at what we do know about Greenlandic and Antarctic glaciers, about the rates of flow and the factors that might prevent acceleration.

“We don’t really know a speed limit for glaciers,” said Dr O’Neel, “but we can look at what we have today and ask ‘what would happen if they all behaved like Jakobshavn?’

“It’s been going fast for several years now and hasn’t gone another marked increase in speed. Helheim had a brief period at 14km per year, Columbia at nine or 10; so that kind of figure, in the region of 10km/year, seems to be about as fast as it gets.”

To achieve a 2m sea level rise by 2100, by contrast, every Greenland glacier would have to increase its flow rate to at least 27km per year and remain at that velocity for the rest of the century.

‘Scary’ scenario

Antarctica is rather different. The West Antarctic Ice Sheet rests on rock that is mainly below sea level, meaning that warming seas could increase the rate of ice loss, though again the new analysis suggests this is also very unlikely to result in a catastrophic melt during this century.

David Vaughan from the British Antarctic Survey believes the US team has got its figures about right.

“The point is that whatever happens in this century can only start from present conditions and present rates of sea level rise, and that constrains the rise that can occur this century,” he told BBC News.

“However, if you’re looking further ahead than 2100 – and many governments are, including the Netherlands and the UK which are thinking about infrastructure that would last more than 100 years – then that second century still looks quite scary.

“I certainly don’t disagree with them that we shouldn’t be making outlandish statements about sea level rise, and some outlandish statements have been made; but the high end of the estimates here is still about 2m, and woe betide any government that thinks a 2m rise in sea level isn’t something to take notice of.”

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The rising of sea level – Future We want

We might not live in coming 2100 so we won’t be facing thesea level below 2meter. But for our future generation sake, we must make changes. Changes that can prevent them from cursing their ancestor, changes that can give them to feel the nice view or earth. We have to make the difference. Start now as it is not too late.

Written by Papa Shally
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