Going Back For Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is coming in few days or to be accurate in 5 days. So I’m taking an early leave to go home and do what ever it needs to prepare for CNY.

Just one thing that came to my mind right now. We live in a Democracy Country but why it has been only 2 days holiday for CNY, Deepavali, and Christmas but for Hari Raya there is at least 1 week of holiday.

This mostly can been seen in Univerisity, Polytechnic, College and even in Private University. I was wondering why this happen in this democracy country.

Maybe that’s why Chinese, Indian and non-muslims is all better than Muslims in Malaysia. Because by the time for hari raya celebration, the others only take 1 or 2 days off to join their celebration. But those who celebrate hari raya take almost a week off. So in total non muslim would have 8days off for both the main celebration and muslim got 15 days off including hari raya haji.

For me UMS has been so good to give us a 1 week leave which maybe given by lecturer itself or the vice chancellor. Hope this will goes on and this is quite a good thing. Compare to other place, they only got 2 days holiday and they don’t even have the chance to go back to celebrate it with their family.

If they were fair to everyone, they would consider giving a week holiday to their students and will make an extra class to fill the few days that they had missed. Like us, as long there is holiday, we are willing to accept any coming extra class that is coming soon. Just one thing that we always want is if the time of our main celebration come, why not give us the chance to have holiday and celebrate with our family.

Hope this matter will change soon as there is lots of people who had been complaining about this but not even a change was made.

For the institution that been giving a week holiday for the main celebration and cutting their main holiday, or for the lecturers that give extra holiday to their students and making an extra class to cover everything back, You have done a really good thing and we are thankful for it. Being someone who is understanding is something so good in community.

Anyway, Happy Chinese New Year.. If i make open house I’ll tell soon..

Written by Papa Shally
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