Hotmail Prank

This is the email that i get from my friends. Just want to tel everyone that the email is not true and the news was actually in 2001 and it was too old. So anyone out there who think it is true, believe that it was not true from this news.

The prank sender was clever in using people’s weakness. Where he put on the link to make it a proof that the think will happen because normally people won’t follow a link in an email if it was forward by their friend. They know their friend already read it so they lazy to increase their connection burden so they just forward it.

Here the hotmail prank that i get.

This is Tara and John, the directors of MSN. We would like to sincerely apologize for the interruption, but msn is closing down. We know many of these messages have been sent out lately, and that they wouldn’t be true. However, this one is in fact true, and it will occur soon.

MSN will begin to charge you money soon. This is due to the fact that too many inconsiderate people are taking up all the names (ie. making up lots of different accounts for just one person). Therefore, we only have 578 names left. If you would like to close your account, DO NOT SEND THIS MESSAGE ON. We would not reccommend this, because if in the future you’d like to use MSN, and you don’t send this message on, you will be CHARGED to use MSN monthly. If you would like to keep your account, then SEND THIS MESSAGE TO EVERYONE ON YOUR CONTACT LIST. As we said this before, this is no joke, and we will be shutting down the servers. Please send it on. We do not want to be receiving phone calls stating that your MSN will not open, or that you are being charged for using it – because this will be your fauly for not sending it on. The estimated cost for MSN monthly will be about ten dollars CAN.


ATTENTION. In case you believed this is yet another of those ‘prank’ MSN shut down emails, go to:

http://news. 1/hi/business/ 1189119.stm

Once you’ve sent this message to at least 18 contacts, your msn icon will become blue.

Tara and John
(Directors and Operators of, Hotmail, Windows Live Hotmail, etc)

Written by Papa Shally
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