How to set Up CISS

CISS or Continuous Ink Supply SYstem is an external ink which is reduce the cost of printing a lot. So today i’m setting out my printer with the new CISS which i buy from computer shop in my area.
Setting it up consume quite a plenty of times by the way for long term use, the plenty of time used is worth as this did save cost a lot.
If you google around, you might find very few article on setting up a CISS. As few months back i too setting it but there is not even a single article about it. I not sure why but there must be some reasons for this or many don’t know much about this thing.

By the way lets start doing what we should do.
You need to buy the CISS set from the shop. This set will includes 4 bottle of ink (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black), CISS bottle, and other small parts which is needed for connecting the CISS hose with the catridge. Make sure your catridge is working well and your printer (Canon for mine) is able to detect it.

Then take the catridge out, make holes on the catridge. If you feel by using your fingers, there is a place which is for ink injection hole. You can either feel it by hand or maybe you want to open the sticker so that you can see it. Make hole that can fit the elbow ring.

After the holes is all set up, connect the CISS hose to the catridge by using the elbow hose and the elbow ring. Make sure the hose is inside the printer as in the picture.

Put the catridge back to the printer. Then attach the CISS hose to the printer, you can see from the picture how did I arrange it. But it is actually depends on how you want to do it because some printer might stuck with the way I put and some might not. So you need to see where is the best location to stick the ciss hose.

After that fill the tank with it’s colour. You are almost finish in this step. Remember you have to follow the colour if each tank and each hose suppose to be connected with it’s respected colour.

Then after adding all of it, you need to do Deep cleaning to make the ink flow to the catridge. make sure the whole CISS hose is filled with the ink. If i not wrong, I do about 15 to 20 deep cleaning. Hope you could do less than me.

While you are doing deep cleaning, you can notice the catridge might stuck in some place. Then you have to change the location of the hose and the arrangement of the elbow. If your PC prompt you that your ink is finish, you just need to press the start button about 10 seconds and the printer will stop detecting the ink in the catridge (For Canon user only not sure for other printer)

After the ink reach the catridge, then you are finish installing the CISS.
By the way, CISS is not really a good product for your Printer as it might caused excessive ink go to the catridge and ruin your printer’s head. The original catridge is always the best by the way no one is stopping you if you want to go for CISS.

See the pictures to know more.

Written by Papa Shally
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