Does the investment holding you back?

The true cost and 411 to consider…

You may have heard the story where a factory had a piece of machinery down?

It was costing them thousands each hour it was out of commission, and it was laying serious hurt down on their production.

So they fly in a consultant.
He takes a look at it.

Pulls out a hammer.
Taps it in one spot.

And the machine roars right back into production. This takes him all of 15 minutes to do all the “work”.

Later, they’re shocked when they get the bill for $75K when all he did was pop the machine with a hammer!

So he itemizes the charge:

Hitting machine with hammer: $5.00

Knowing where to hit the machine with the hammer: $74,995.00


This little story gives a powerful lesson of true cost.

The true cost of not hiring this guy would be hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost profits, every week.

The true cost is NOT the investment.

And although the investment may have seemed more worth it if he took longer, would they really be more happy if it took him 6-weeks to fix it?

You’d think the faster they’re back in business the better, right? Right.

So I’m not sure where you’re at right now?

But I’ve been telling you about a proven and powerful way to build up a very lucrative income on the side.

It’s something you can learn easily and can start in your spare-time.

(You will need about 30 to 60 minutes a day to work on this, ideally.)

You also get a free coach to help you get up and going.

They’re like that skilled consultant with the hammer.

You may just need one small tweak to the left or right to unlock the income and lifestyle you deserve.

The true cost for most is NOT the investment.

It’s what they miss out on if they don’t start soon.

The first $1K commission they will not see hit their bank balance.

The first $10K month they will not likely have rolling in like clockwork.

Not experiencing the freedom lifestyle that allows them to fire their boss, to not be dependent on others, able to do whatever they want whenever they want.

I’m not sure what it would be for you, but many simply don’t consider the true cost involved in an investment.

If it’s a fit for you, we’d love to have you join us…

Our first goal will be to get you thru the program, and into your first commission up to $1,000 in the next 30 days or so.


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Written by Papa Shally
I start blogging in 2008 but I have never take blogging seriously. And that is the biggest mistakes that I make in my life. In 2010 I almost stop blogging completely. I concentrate on my low paying day job and was too tired to even look at my blog. But then I still keep my blog and websites up. After 7 years, I realize that I cannot only depends on my day job. I could not afford being in the rat race 9 to 5 work and also on unpaid on-call work. Then I realize something, if I never stop blogging in 2010, I will have lots of audience by now. It takes few years for me to realize this mistakes. And now here I am again, creating a good content for you. I hope you can subscribe to my mailing list and also like my Facebook page. Also, if you found that my content is good, please share it with your friend. Thanks. - Papa Shally