Kaamatan 2009

Time of the year has finally came and it will be all about fiesta to everyone who celebrate it in Sabah. This event which we called as Kaamatan or Harvest Festival is a once in a year event.

But know what, this event starts from 1st of May until the 31st of May. So if you have the chance, why not came to sabah and have a taste of the festivals yourself.

By joining this event you could actually found lots of interesting stuff that could move your nerve to the interesting culture of Sabah. You’ll be watching lots style of the sumazau dance that we have in Sabah that if and only if you visit Kaamatan Festival in other district.

In this event, you’ll have the chance to hear the Gong sound. Gong is one of the ancient musical instrument that we keep for generations. The sound of the gong’s is really amazing and it was a really touching sound if you hear it to the deep of your heart.

In addition to that, in this festival you will also see the variety cultures in Sabah. Sabah was built up with more than 23 ethnics and each of this ethnics has it’s own fashion, lifestyle and much more interesting stuff about them. A more hearth stumbling stuff was when you explore deep into their culture and get to know their ancient and amazingly history.

Other than those 3 things above, there is a lot more interesting stuff such as Singing competition, the Ceremony of Calling the Harvest Spirit by the ‘Bobolian’ (Bobohizan or the Chosen one or person with spiritual power), Plant harvest competition, Animals Competition, Exhibition, and lots more entertaining events.

But what make this events really popular was the ‘Unduk Ngadau’ or Queen of Harvest Festival competition. This is where lots of the beautiful girls that goes to finals and represent their district compete with each other in intelligence, performance and lots more. Seeing those beautiful smiles that make every man’s heart stumble does really make this events fun. It was once in a year event so this was a really interesting part of the events.

Unduk Ngadau - Queen of Harvest Festival

So if you have the chances to visit Sabah, or if you planning to visit somewhere, this is the best time to visit and to pick Sabah as your travel destination. In this period, lots of place has some event holds so why not give it a try.

Anyway, for this events what the most important thing is the meaning of this festivals. Back in ancient time where we are not born yet, people does believe in the spirits. Spirits can do a lot of things such as cure sickness, caused pain, helps in doing jobs and lots more. What most important is a powerful spirit could also create disaster to the human.

In the life of the ancient Sabahan, there is some events where all their paddy crops did not give a good harvest. For years this thing happen until one day through the power of the bobolian (spiritual person usually a girl but not a witch) they talk to the Harvest spirit. It was foretold that the spirits was angry because the people had never been thankful for all what he give them.

Then as requested by the Harvest spirit, they did do the ceremony and was conducted by the bobolian. This bobolian is the only person who know the chant and it will be pass amongst bobolian to keep the chant alive. For years, this ceremony actually evolve to become a festivals. Festival to be thankful for having a good crops.

Some of the people still believe in this but some had already forgotten it. In this modernize world, this events could actually being keep alive when there is a lot of interesting stuff. Then this is what caused you to see what we have now. And thanks to that, this culture is preserved.

For Your Information, the last day of this event will be on 31st May at KDCA Penampang. So if you arrive in KK on that day, just mention you would like to see harvest festivals to the taxi driver and you will surely arrive at the place. Hope to see you there..

And remember the magic word, ‘Kotobian Tadau Kaamatan’.

Written by Papa Shally
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