Malaysia Day

Celebrating Malaysia Day with 1 day holiday for Sabah and Sarawak.

From what was teach in the history, 16 September was the date for the establishment of Malaysia in which includes Sabah, Sarawak, Singapore and all Malay Nation’s in Tanah Melayu (West Malaysia).

At first the establishment of Malaysia suppose to be done on the same day as Merdeka day but there is something happen (objection by Philipines and Indonesia) causing the delay of establishing of Malaysia.

At first Singapore was a part of Malaysia but after few years inside Malaysia, Under Liew Kuan Yew they established their own country named Singapore. Their purpose on joining Malaysia was just to get a ticket of Independence from Britian.

Anyway Malaysia today’s consist of Sabah, Sarawak and West Malaysia. Country of Multiracial and multireligion. This has been one of Malaysian Symbol that we have to be proud off. If you were in Indonesia, chinese has to thrown out thier ancestor name and they have to live like indonesian regardless of their race. This was good but it did disappear the root where they came from.

But for Malaysia keeping their root together as they live on was a good idea. We now have 3 biggest race which directly represent some religious believes.

With the largest number of citizen, Malays having filling in the parts in West Malaysian. Mostly they are Malay Jawa and Malay tanah Melayu but this has already mixed up and there is no more difference. So they was under the umbrella of Malay. Malay represent the holy Islam Religions. Anyway for general term that has been change this few years, those who is actually a muslim is considered Malays.

Second largest community was Chinese. Their roots are from China, and came here to work. From the early development of Tanah Melayu they have become a big contributor. In the deal of objecting Union Jack they also involve. In getting the indipendence for Tanah Melayu, they have given their voice an talent in helping the Malay Leaders. So with this, with their effort of helping out in achieving the independence, they have become one of the community and become Malaysian when Malaysia was establish. Their religion mostly was buddhism(buddhist or Taoism) or Christian. Nowadays some chinese has also become muslim depending on that they think is suitable on them.

Third largest is Indian community. Same like chinese, they are not originated from Tanah Melayu, they came from india all the way the vast ocean going through the high ocean wave and dangerous adventure to seek of improvement in their life. Under the administration of British they came to work in Tanah Melayu. Having some leaders amongst them and Unite with Malay and Chinese leaders they together work hard in getting the independance. So this has granted them a certificate as a citizen in Tanah Melayu. Their religion is mostly Hinduism but there is some who is buddhism, christian or muslims

From the certificate both Chinese and India was protected from being discriminate and to discriminate the others. And for Malays they had been given some special rights in the new Tanah Melayu (tanah melayu after independance)  and on the deal itself they assume Chinese and Indian as the citizen of Tanah Melayu.With the deal to establish Tanah Melayu and to prevent union jack, All this 3 main races has agree to protect and to administrate the new Tanah Melayu together and this in turn means for what ever reason they must not mention about racism. If they are too absurb with their root, it was not to means they can get everything because Law has protected all the race so that no one was biased.

Then the minority of Malaysian mostly came from Sabah and Sarawak. This also make Malaysian multiracial. Coming from sabah Dusun, Kadazan, Murut, Bajau and so on and coming from Sarawak Melanau, Iban, Bidayuh, Kelabit and so on making up all Malaysian up to 24 races. The joining of this 2 state in forming Malaysia also gives change to the type of local in Malaysia. If before local was only Malays but now people from Sabah and Sarawak is also local.

In the formation of Malaysia, there is a few rules wanted by sabah and sarawak (you can google it around to find info on this). Anyway the main point of formation of Malaysia (ignoring Singapore in this context) is the formation of a country with multiracial citizen under the umbrella of Malaysia and was called Malaysian.

They were not termed as Indian or Malay or Chinese or Iban or etc etc.. But they was called Malaysian. For example if they were to win a world class tournament they were not called indian or Dusun but they were called Malaysian. If in case they become a big criminal in United State, they will be called Malaysian in the news paper. So from the formation of Malaysia it gives the meaning that everyone was the citizens. Their roots are history and what present is themself.

So for tomorrow 16 if September, it was the date of the formation of Malaysia, everyone who proud being Malaysian why not this one day celebrate the formation of Malaysia. It was supposed that 31st August become the independent day (which we have not fully independent yet in term of economy and lifestyle) and so 16 September were suppose to be remembered as Malaysia Day.

If holidays were to Change, why not Malaysia Day was holiday for everyone. Hope government were to make changes soon, Shorten the other holiday and change with this important date.

Ah..I don’t know i have been mumbling this much..Anyway Happy Malaysia Day and to sabahan Happy 1 day Holiday.

Written by Papa Shally
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