Monkey Tops Safari

This was a great place to go when you visit Beufort. From Kota Kinabalu to Beufort it will take around 2 hours to 2 and half hours.

This Place was manage by Borneo Stacruise Sdn. Bhd. a Sabah based tours and travels company. The full information on this place is at In Borneo Tops monkeys you can enjoy watching Proboscis Monkey, Bird watching, crocodile watching, Dr.Fish, Dinner at riverbanks with the romantic environment and Fireflies watching at night.

Anyway by the time we was there, we just manage to enjoy the ‘Dr.Fish’ as the others was held starting from 4.30 to night time and we could not wait as there is other place that we want to go.

Before I tell you more about Dr Fish in Borneo tops monkeys, Why not enjoy the few pictures that i’ve taken.

The enterance to Monkey Tops safari

The enterance to Monkey Tops safari

The fish was doing the treatment

The fish was doing the treatment

Dr.Fish or what they call Ikan Cincin (Ring FIsh) is a fish came from Mangollia. At first sight i look at it, it is like a Talapia Fish (a tropical fish) but then when I hear The guide’s explanation, he told said that this fish came from Mangollia. He also mentions that this fish does not have any teeths and it will not caused injury to the patient.

It was interesting hearing his explanation and it makes interest in me to try it out. So I told him we want to try.

The first thing we do before trying it was washing our legs with water and soap at the wash tab. Then after that we enter the Dr.Fish Pond. The pond is around 2 feet deep i think anyway we just put our legs inside the water and we sit on the side.

By the time we entering our legs, the Dr.Fish chase us. It was quite tickling at first. But we manage to endure the tickling. What happen there is, the Dr.Fish bite our old skins and dirt on the legs. They clean all the unnecessary things on the legs and it was kind of fun as we no need to clean the old skins ourself.

It was then that time when i talk to Mr Vun and ask about the events over there. As i understand all the events will start at around 4.30. Tourist who visits the site will have the chances to enjoy everything starting from 4.30 to night. First they will be able to enjoy the Dr.Fish treatment then they will follow the fiberglass boat to go around watching Proboscis monkey and bird watching. I guess this might take around 2 hours (1 hours watching monkey and 1 hours watching birds). After that, when the night comes, they will move to watch fireflies around the area.

It was quite interesting event to join in. If i had much time I would’ve join it. Anyway it will be next time.

After talking with Mr.Vun, then he leave us to enjoy the Dr.Fish. It was an enjoyable moment and thanks to Dr.Fish that my old skins are now gone.

Written by Papa Shally
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