No Petrochemical Factory in Sabah

This is what the Petronas Boss said in the previous newspaper article. It was a bit sad for Sabahan not to have their own Petrochemical Plant. But after all this is what they decide and on today’s news Datuk Eric Majimbun motion on calling for a cancelation in the Gas Pipeline Project worth 3Billion was rejected. You can see what the news have here.

When reading this news, it was a big slap for me as a Sabahan. Even the reason was good, where it will be more costly when building a new Petrochemical Plant, it is still a good thinking that wasting a resource to make another Petrochemical Plant is better than letting more people unemployed and what i can say are their decision is actually based on money and not based on people.

Most of those who elected was probably think of themselves and never of other people. In other word, they don’t care if you eat stone or sands as your breakfast. As long as they can have a nice high quality coffee and Bread or Nasi Lemak, it would be so great.

I won’t talk much on this thing as ISA might get themselves interested with me later on.  But if there is an election later on, I will vote for the opposition. Maybe they can do better than the government now. So those Sabahan leaders now, if you are on Government side now, It’s time to get out of the track. If you fight for Sabah to get a Petrochemical Plant built here, it is a lot more better if you become a free party like SAPP now and reform a better party as the future might not be the same.

I was wondering where has the other Sabahan Leaders gone when it is about protecting the people and giving a better life to it’s people.

P/s – In the news was mentioned about Sabahan was the second poorest. – It is just not because sabahan fault’s it is because Sabah was too big compared to other state (except sawarak). I don’t really read the budget 2009 or whatever it is but I understand one thing, budget for Sabah’s development was not big if compared to other state. Other state’s budget is half or almost 3/4 of Sabah’s budget. Thats they has more money to spend on lots of things including helping their people.

Written by Papa Shally
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