Old Beliefs when going people’s house

This was something that I learn when I back to Tambunan. It is something related to welcoming people to your house in Dusun beliefs.

When you are invited to someone’s house especially people who are ethnics from sabah, remember to look for this difference. When they half wet their floor in which there is half space wet and half space dry make sure you are to walk on the wet area. According to old beliefs this were to test their spell (white magic or black magic) to people who came to their house.

It is normal for people to avoid the wet space. So this is just a psyhcological plays done by the house owner. Once the person step on the dry area, if He/She were not protected by any charm he/she might get sick. So it is the best just avoid the normality by walking on the wet space.

By the way not every place is like that. There is still a house where you go and coincidentally they were half finish cleaning their floor. So this means that the beliefs is not always true but at least take the safest path.

Written by Papa Shally
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