On the way to Tuaran

Yesterday, I went to Tuaran near 6pm and I take the road passing Polytechnic Kota Kinabalu Sabah. On the way there, I realize that the view was quite nice. So I stop at the road side and Take few pictures.

One of the pictures is below;

Taken on the road to Tuaran near Polytechnic Kota Kinabalu

Taken on the road to Tuaran near Polytechnic Kota Kinabalu

When I look at this picture, it was not a very good photo as you can see there is one road lamp without light (maybe the bulb has worn out or what so ever it is). Also the electric wire is a bit disturbing. By the way, the reason I take it here was, at the place just ahead, there is no straight road like this. Even if there is a road like this, I won’t be able to snap the view that I saw at the first time.

In my style of photographing, one of my rules was to take the photo of the scene when I saw it is beautiful at that place because if you move to other angle of the place, you will have a 50-50 chance of getting a very good pictures and very bad pictures.

Stop about that rule, there is this one picture that caught my interest;

Did you see the black Smoke?

Did you see the black Smoke?

The photo was taken at the same place where I take the first photo. Can be seen in the photo, there is a bulk of black smoke. I was wondering, around that place there is no factory which requires to be run 24/7. But still at that time (which is not office hour) there still a factory running it’s machine.

Not that they cannot run it but, why not let their machine stop working on time and why not help our mother nature to inhale fresh air??  Isn’t it nice if morning they let the machine work as long as 8 hours and let the other hours for the plants to absorb the Carbon dioxide, for the chemical to be degrade  to a better compound.

I’ve been seen lots of factory been working more than the office hour. Is there any rules to stop this??

Hope sooner there will be some changes.

Written by Papa Shally
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