Papa Online Business Strategy Education is UP!

POBSE - Papa Online Business Education System

I have been working on a small project code name POBSE or Papa Online Business Strategy Education since around December 2017. It is a membership website that I created which will let you earn up to $700 per sale.

At the time of writing this POBSE have 2 type of membership which are basic membership and silver membership.

Both membership will enable you to earn commission by selling products from MOBE. But the amount of commission that you will get from both of the membership is different where basic membership which is free will gives you the ability to earn up to $300 per sale. While on the other hand silver membership in which you will need to maintain $19.90 every month will give you the ability to earn up to $700 per sale.

With POBSE you will be able to earn big commission by only working once which is promoting 1 product to a potential customer and when they buy it, the system behind POBSE will work on getting the next sales for you.

POBSE - Papa Online Business Education System

By becoming POBSE member, you will be provided with a simple 3 steps training which I will improve from time to time and other training that I will add up soon. It is provided for free for you and you don’t even need to pay me anything since my motive is for you to learn and become successful with POBSE. Once you are successful, you can always use your link in POBSE to get the online business training in MOBE and get the course fee at a cheaper price since I will still pay you your commission even if you are using your own link in POBSE to buy the course.

My other aim in POBSE is to make it a place for interaction between affiliate. Means that you will be able to learn from other people how they do it. You might be talking to an expert and he might be so nice to give you information how he successfully do it. BUT, always remember that different person has different method, you cannot do all so just become an expert in ONE and once you know how to do it find a new method that you can become an expert.

As of now, POBSE is running on a very simple website theme. So there is not much to expect from the design but what you should expect more is on the system which enable you to earn a great commission. I like it as simple as it could be. The more simpler it get, the easier for you to use it like you are using Google where you don’t need a tutorial to use it.

So if you are interested to learn more about affiliate marketing and start earning big commission, join me now in POBSE.



Written by Papa Shally
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