Petrochemical Industry in Sabah

It would have been a great idea to have Sabah own Petrochemical Industry. When we think it back, Sabah was one of the Land in Malaysia that was surrounded by Sea of Oil but few years back there is not even a Petro Plant built around. Building out a pipeline to send the oil to Sarawak might save a lot of cost but giving opportunities to Sabahan to work in Oil plant will have been a better planning as this is helping in making the life of Sabahan better.

Anyway to make thing short, I’ve make comparison between having Pipeline to Sarawak and Building Sabah’s Own Petro Plant.

If we were to have a Petro Plant (Oil Refinery Plant) in Sabah;

  • More sabahan will get work
  • Student that wish to visit Oil Plant no need to risk their life to travel to Sarawak
  • Sabah Government maybe can earn more
  • More Business came to Sabah and for Sarawak it will stay the same
  • More risk on Oil Plant Malfunctioning and cause havoc to the surrounding area in case of any emergency
  • Cost of Building an Oil Plant is high
  • More Engineers will be hired instead of Engineer for Qatar SMDS an annual Hiring
  • No Pipeline leaking risk.
  • Operating Cost Increase

If we were to have a Pipeline along Kimanis to Bintulu

  • SHELL no need to hire more workers (Bintulu means SMDS Bintulu own by SHELL)
  • Student have to risk their life going from Sabah to Bintulu around 1 day travel.
  • Sarawak Government can say “Hey we ‘Share-Share’ la.. u take out i Process then why not 50 50?” – At least their people’s life is at stake but not us so share la..
  • Business still the same in Sarawak and Sabah also not changing
  • Bintulu will stay the same, still has the risk of Oil Plant Malfunctioning.
  • Cost will be lower as Pipe line is more cheaper compare to building an Oil Plant
  • Engineers hired only for Qatar SMDS Oil Plant and normal rate for annual hiring.
  • There is still a risk of the pipe leaked and cause danger to Sabahan (even there is the “pig” device..)
  • Operating Cost stay the same

I think you might have a more professional Ideas. Anyway after all the comparison, I’m into supporting Sabah Government to fight of getting an Oil Plant in Sabah. If you don’t fight for the stake of Sabah people, damn You..Cursed you to poorness.. You will feel it when you are living not in a wealthy world like you feel right now.

Anyway stop all the crap, the news is below.

Source: The Star

Petrochemical industry to be set up in Sabah

KOTA KINABALU: A deal has been struck in Cabinet over the controversial RM3bil Petronas gas pipeline from Sabah to Sarawak.

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Tan Sri Bernard Dompok said that the federal government has said that a full-fledged petrochecmical industry would be set up in the state using natural gas obtained from Sabah.

Only excess gas would be sent via the pipeline to Sarawak, he said in a statement Friday after attending the Cabinet meeting where he brought up his objection to the 500km gas pipeline from Kimanis to Bintulu.

He said the construction of the gas pipeline and the setting up of a petrochemical industry would be carried out simultaneously.

“The Cabinet decision will help in diversifying Sabah’s economy. The setting up of a refinery would definitely spur the Sabah Development Corridor,” said Dompok, whose party was posturing to quit the ruling coalition if it failed to get the pipeline project scrapped.

“On behalf of Upko and the people of Sabah, we thank the federal government for giving serious consideration to the matter,” Dompok said, adding that a petrochemical plant would get the state directly involved in the oil and gas industry like the two oil-producing states.

“We have been left out of the oil gas industry all this while though we are a producer,” he added.

Outspoken Sabah Umno leader Datuk Ghapur Salleh, however, questioned whether the petrochemical industry promised would be delivered as in previous experiences Sabah has been shortchanged.

“This is a Cabinet decision and it can be changed,” said Ghapur, who said previously Sabah gave large chunks of lands to the federal agencies to be developed by settlers but later companies ran it as a full-fledged business.

“It (petrochemical industry) may be only talk and later things can change. They may promise anything now and later change it,” said the Kalabakan MP who said that there was no point to land the gas in Kimanis and pipe it to neighbouring Sarawak.

Written by Papa Shally
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