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Petrol prices may drop in October – The Star

“If world prices remain at US$109 per barrel until the end of the year, we can reduce prices by another 15 sen.

When government said that petrol price going to be reviewed again and the decrease will be made by the early of october if the per barrel prize did not increase, this was actually giving hope to citizen.

Having another 15cents decrease in fuel price would be great but it is going to be in this early october.  Just think if there will be a sudden decrease in per barrel prize this middle of september, then the price will still be the same RM2.55 and then by early of october there is a crisis back in US and iraq for example war or oil production decrease,  in which cause the oil price to jump to USD132 to USD150 then we will face the heat of oil price hike and we never gets the benifits when the price jump very low.

Government measure to see the oil price on the 1st of oct is not really a good idea. Remember before that Government said they would decrease the price by early of september? What they do is, as there is Permatang Pauh election in which Goverment lose, they decrease the price to the price now RM2.55 and it was not on september. What we can say is they just want to “bribe” the citizens by giving lower fuel price so that they can win the election. If this were to happen, why not all MP resign and another election will happen and they will decrease more of the oil price. Let say there is 5 coming election, and as government always want to win (which their chance now 50/50), we will surely has 75cents of oil price decrease. But how can this happen?

If Government really care about Malaysian, even if there is no election they would decrease the oil price following the market price. If the oil price were to stabilize and there is a lot of confidence proof from the Professional Economy Analyzer, why not make the price decrease before October? If government were to think about this, we as the citizens with low income or no income would not suffer.

This was an idea from me and you might consider it as idiot but it is possible if government really want to help the citizen. From day start on, oil price in gas stations if fluid. This means when the price go down, our oil price would go down too and when the price hike our price will hike too but there is a limit of the maximum and minimum price. Maximum price gives advantage to citizen so that we don’t really suffer from high price of oil. Minimum price gives advantage to the government so that they get more money and can use it to the development of our country or maybe to be save for the coming hike price.

Let say maximum price is RM2.65/litre and minimum price is RM1.95/litre for petrol, when the price are to change between rate of USD100/barrel to USD125/barrel, when the price drop to USD90/ barrel, the citizen won’t ask more price drop but keep it in minimum price and the extra that they gain keep for later use. Then when suddenly price hike to USD132/barrel like last time, use the maximum price RM2.65 and the extra which we keep before use it for subsidize. Then the citizen won’t suffer too much. But there is still error inside this idea and if interested this was suppose to be discuss more.

Hope there will be lots of fuel price drop soon and citizen now having lots of financial problem due to the oil price hike and the hike of living costs. Hope government did not wait till 1st Oct only to lower the price.

Written by Papa Shally
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