Planning For Tambunan Trip

Back then I told my friend who is from west Malaysia to visit my hometown Tambunan. This was the first time they visit here and they get their plan up to their mind and had successfully visited Tambunan.

By the way in this article, I’m going to talk about how you are going to plan for a trip to Tambunan. Trip to Tambunan will be divided into 2 which is a short 1 day trip and a long trip in which the day will be depends on what you want to do such as go hiking in some place but this is not so active recently.

A short 1 day trip to Tambunan would be quite fun even it is not the same as going to Kudat from Kota Kinabalu or going to Lawas. You can come to Tambunan by using a small economy car such as Kancil or Kelisa. This would be amongst your cheapest visit around Sabah.

What you need to prepare to visit Tambunan?
For me, all I need is a car, water, some extra clothes, and most important is your Camera.There is not much of a thing you need to prepare for a 1 day visit to Tambunan. But then one of the most essential thing in this trip will be your ability to see the road signboard. That would be so helpful.

Road to Tambunan
I am expecting that you are from Kota Kinabalu and have yourself all the way to Tambunan by following the Gunung Emas road which will pass Penampang. From Penampang you will see one road which leads to Moyog. Once you see a SHELL Station after a small roundabout, that would means you are on the correct path. And you need to fill your car tank in this station as it is the last station before you arrive Tambunan. Even so there is 1 station at Gunung Emas, but why take the risk when you can take it in Moyog.

After the SHELL station, it you just need to follow the road and it will be the only roads that will leads you to Tambunan. Again I would like to highlight here, reading the road signboards would be so helpful.

Places to visit
On the way to Tambunan, there is 5 place where you can stop by and spend your time a while. The first place would be the Butterfly farm. This will be an interesting place to visit if you like butterfly. There is a lot of flowers there and there is few kinds of butterfly in the farm. Before you reach this place you will see a signboard telling you the location of the butterfly farm. In this place maybe you spend around 30minutes.

The second place would be the Gunung Emas Highland Resort. There is restaurant here and also chalet up the hill. I never been up there but then friends told me that the place up there is beautiful. You might spend your time here around 30 minutes.

The third place would be Gunung Alab resort. This is only a stopping place like Gunung Emas Highland Resort. The building here is newer and the food attraction might be better. If you are eating here, you might spend around 1 hour.

After the Gunung Alab, you would then proceed your journey. Then you will see one place called Rafflesia Information Centre. In this place you can actually spemd around 1 day to go jungle trekking inside looking for a new blooming rafflesia.If you are only visiting the rafflesia Information Centre, then this will be a short 30 minutes visit.

The last place on the way to Tambunan is the hill view of Kg.Sunsuron Tambunan. There is no name of this place but then you can identify it when you see a corner which you can see the village from there. This would be a good place to take picture and you going to spend your time here less than 15minutes. Make sure you park your car properly in this place as this is a public road.

Then you will be in Tambunan. There is a few place to visit and it requires you around 1 to 2 hours and the others will be spent in one of the most beautiful waterfall in Sabah that is Mahua Waterfall Tambunan.

The first place that I suggest you to go is Mat Salleh War Memorial Park, this is the place where the location of Mat Salleh (One of historic hero in Sabah) base in the war fighting the British. You will spend around 20 to 30 minutes here. If you arrive, ask the people around to get inside as the keys will be with the person around there.

After that you will go to Tambunan town, Maybe to eat lunch or just to look around. Here you can go to the tamu ground which has the statue of the Tambunan Hero, ‘Gombunan’. It will be so interesting to take picture here and there is the history of Tambunan written on the marble stone. You will spend around 30 minutes here.

Then follow the road to Jalan Keningau until you see a signboard “Kg.Solibog”. This is the village that you need to go if you wish to go to see the musical stone – “Batu Gong”. The stone has few different sounds and it is a really interesting stone. Around this place there is also the Bajau Stone – “Batu Bajau”. The road to Batu gong will be a bit gravel and makesure you did not pass a Golf Club as the enterance to the village is right before the golf club. There is other enterance after the golf club but it will be a bit complicated. You spent around 30 minutes here.

From Batu gong, we will head to TVRC Tambunan which stands for Tambunan Village Resort Centre. This is a place you can stay if you are interested. There is a fish pond with around 2 to 4 feet long. But there is no fishing here. There is also the Tapai Factory. If you are lucky, you will be able to see the Tapai Making procedure. It will be interesting.You can spend around 30 minutes here.

The last place in a schedule for a 1 day visit will be the Mahua Waterfall. It’s a waterfall with a fresh and clean water. You can have fun in this place. This place is located around 15minutes away from the Town. The road to this place is at Patau Village and the junction is right after the School that you can see after a Clinic. Maybe you could spend around 2 hours here. It will be a sort of fun.

Behind the Scene
In this planning that i make for you, I would suggest you to move as early as 8am. reach Gunung Emas around 9am  and reach Tambunan around 11.30am. Then after taking lunch and visiting some of the place, you will enjoy your time at Mahua Waterfall.

One other thing is, if you came to Tambunan don’t forget to try out this few things,

  1. Tapai
  2. Tuhau
  3. Bosou
  4. Langgangon (white spice)

Also don’t forget to visit my family business at Kedai Kopi Sansamido Tambunan.

Hope this planning could help you with your journey to Tambunan. Enjoy yourself here.

Written by Papa Shally
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