POBSE Tips #1 Start Now, and don’t wait.

I write this a few days ago in my facebook page Papa Shally and I would like to explain it here with you.

POBSE Tips #1 Start Now, and don’t wait. Other people are racing. How about you?

When doing your online business, you need to start as early as you could. If it is possible for you to do online business as soon as you are born, then do it! That sure looks crazy but what I mean here is, start as early as you can. Since building business is about competition and customer acquisition and if you start late, the nearest person to you which is your potential customer might already buy with someone else.

I give you a short story of my mother and my mother-in-law who are going to travel to Jerusalem next year. A travel agency was offering the church member in my hometown in Tambunan an opportunity for the Christians to visit holy land in Jerusalem. My mother was interested to go but she got not many close friends that will go for the trip due to the price of the trip. So she tell her story to my mother-in-law when they meet in Kota Kinabalu, and my mother-in-law gets excited and decided to join the trip with her. A few days later, they both register and make a deposit to join for the trip which is to be schedule at the end of 2018. And what interesting is a few days after that, when my mother-in-law was chatting with her siblings and their partner during a Kupi-Kupi Session (Tea time) , her sister-in-law who open a travel agency then promote to them a trip to the same place Jerusalem at a cheaper price. She was shocked with it, and told her they were going there too but she already booked a ticket together with my mother a few days before and if they were to cancelled going with their current travel agent, they will lose their deposit.

So conclusion from that story is that, if you want to start doing something, start doing it much earlier or start doing it now before somebody else does it. If my mother-in-law’s sister-in-law told them much earlier, she would have gotten a business with them and my mother and mother-in-law also will travel much comfortably with family members that they know. So as for you, if you plan on doing an online business, and you already know who you can invite which will have more than 100% commitment, do it now! Or else, they might have found me or someone else out there who doing online business and actually becoming a part of their team.

And believe me, when they already join my team in doing online business, with the system that I am using, they will locked to me for life. Means that if in the future you introduce them a training material and they decided to purchase another online business training material, the commissions will go to me. Unless of course if you promote training material from outside of the system that we use.

So, do not wait too long until you want to start or else you will missed a lot of opportunities especially from people around you .


POBSE Tips #1 Start Now, and don't wait.
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POBSE Tips #1 Start Now, and don't wait.
When doing your online business, you need to start as early as you could. If it is possible for you to do online business as soon as you are born, then do it!
Written by Papa Shally
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