POBSE Tips #4 Create Your Own Opportunity

POBSE Tips #4 - Create Your Own Opportunity

POBSE Tips #4 title today is Create Your Own Opportunity.

Most people says, opportunity will only come to you twice. So take it or you will regret for the rest of your life.

I agree with that since you won’t be getting an opportunity many times unless you are the luckiest person in the world. And you have to remember even the luckiest person in the world sometimes does not get the opportunity that they really want. In which this told us that there is no such thing as a luckiest person in the world since it is really hard to be presented with the right opportunity at the time that we really want it.

In addition to this quote, if you are not presented with another opportunity once you have missed it, my tips is;

“Create Your Own Opportunity”


POBSE Tips #4 - Create Your Own Opportunity

In this world, there were just too many people and competition is also high. Most people will lose in the competition since there is no opportunity for them to win. Most who win is those who were given the opportunity to win. And in some cases, there were a few who win by being the creator of opportunity themselves.

Take Steve Job as an example. He was nobody a few decades ago until he first created his own opportunity by to joint venture with Steve Wozniak to invent their first home personal computer. If Steve Job did not see the talent in Steve Wozniak and he did not create the opportunity for them as a joint venture, I bet we won’t even see Apple now. Worse case scenario, there won’t be 3D animation, no high-end laptop such as now.

Another example is Mark Zuckerberg. By the time he build Facebook, MySpace is already there. But following series of competition and of course a lot of value added services that Facebook created to win MySpace, they eventually become the no.1 social media in the world. While at the time Facebook Started, MySpace is already dominating the Social Media, no one believes that Facebook can be as large as MySpace. But Facebook create their own opportunity by exploring the area that MySpace did not explore such as real people with real profile, safer social network and so on.

If your life is a mess and you do not have anything to help you to improve your life, all you need to do is to create the opportunity yourself. It is easier said than done but it is nothing when you never think about it. Maybe you did not realize it yet but, inside you there are things that you can do which will help you in your life. There are skills that you have which will be able to help to create your own opportunity to achieve your goal.

If you have a dream, with no opportunity, take a piece of paper and a pen. Then find a quiet and clean place where you feel the safest, most comfortable and you can be in deep thoughts. Sit down, relax and think of all your skills. Write all of it on the paper. When you are finish then write the opportunity that you can create for yourself from your skills.  Then write how the opportunity that you can create for yourself could help other people.

Having a list of that, find the opportunity that is the nearest to your dream. Then by using the skills that you have, do the initial task to create the opportunities. Then develop it so that it will benefits you. Then explore how you can help other people with the opportunity that you create yourself. When you start helping other people, you will actually receive additional benefits from that such as people started to know you, believe in you and start following you. At the same time they might also present you the opportunity that they have and you will be much more successful and much nearer to your goal.

To do this, it will requires your passion, consistency and perseverance. It will take a while but it is very valuable for achieving your goal.

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Written by Papa Shally
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