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Pregnant after sex blackmail
Wednesday August 13, 2008

JOHOR BARU: A 14-year-old schoolgirl got pregnant after being blackmailed into having sex with a teenager whom she befriended via the short messaging system (SMS).

The girl, who only wanted to be known as Ling, is now five months’ pregnant.

Ling said she befriended the teenager when she received an SMS asking her to be his friend in early March but he disappeared after being informed that she had missed her period.

She said the teenager, whom she knew as Ah Wing, molested her and took nude pictures of her with his mobile phone on the first date.

In trouble deep: Soon looking on as Ling relates her ordeal to journalists in Johor Baru yesterday.

“He called me again three to four days later and threatened me, saying that he would put the pictures in the Internet if I did not comply.

“This time we met at a hotel and had sex,” she said, adding that Ah Wing also took short videos and blackmailed her for sex regularly.

Ling’s father sought the help of Johor MCA Public Services and Complaints Bureau deputy chief Rodney Soon to warn other parents to keep an eye on their daughters.

Soon said they had arranged counselling sessions for Ling.

Johor Baru North deputy district police chief Supt Mohd Akhir Ishak said police were still looking for the suspect and urged those with information to contact the police hotline at 07-221 2999.

I was quite interested with the issue, If i’m a girl, i will never reply to any sms from people who i did not know. What would you do if someone sms you saying he want to know you? Normally people will reply to it as maybe that person is their secret admire but for some of the people they will ignore it as replying means wasting money and time. If you afraid you won’t be getting new friends and reply to such SMS, you sure are a big idiot. There is plenty of ways to get new friends and there is lots of people out there that really want to make true friend or relationship. Why choose on sms? is people around you not enough or you are too pretty or handsome that they are not suitable for you?

To girls out there, try not to trust boys even you have known him for 2 years except you have been to his house and meet his family and friends. Anyway the most important thing is don’t put your 100% trust in them. Remember that once broken there is no turning back, at this point the guy still can say to the next victim that he is virgin and for those who is left without the thin blood layer (hymen) you will face difficulties in finding your real partner except the next person you found really loves you and did not care anything happen to you before or he also has tried it before.

To guys out there, it’s fun playing fool with girls but it was sinful that you won’t be getting a space for yourself in the heaven. Anyway you can use the rooms in hell as you like. So be good and if you’ve done it, be loyal.

To couples, get married first or use the safety for protection if you have done it.

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