Sending Tajau

Back then, this is one of the interesting stuff about the dusun culture. I not sure if any other race have this culture or not but then this is what I am going to talk. The reason for this is just so simple, first I can have a reference of dusun culture in the future and secondly would be preserving the culture and so that everyone can refer it in the future.


What is this Culture?
This sending Tajau (Pottery) is actually a culture which had been preserved for hundreds of years since the Nunuk Ragang time. The reason for this is to make the relationship between relatives to be more closer. Other than that, this is to make the sender family to know more on the family who accept this Tajau.

In this tradition, the things that is needed to be send is not only tajau but also some uncook rice and there is some stuff that you might interested to include such as tapai or food or anything. Anyway only sending the tajau with the rice wouldn’t be a problem.

Who will send the Tajau?
This tajau will be send by every guy that enter the family to the chosen Uncle or relatives. This means that if you married to a Dusun girl who still follow this culture, you gotta do the sending Tajau culture to the person (Uncle or relatives) that the girl choose. Other than that, after maybe 1 generation, the family of those who receive the tajau will need to ask their daughter and son in law to send back to your children. This is like a barter system but then it is to be done in different generation

When to send it?
This is send everytime a new guy enter a family. For example your daughter married with a guy. Then the guy will need to do the sending tajau to the family choosend by the girl.

Where it was send?
The sender will send this to the receiver at the receiver house (usually) but then maybe as the world is modernized, there might be some changes where the place is decided by both parties. The time would be set by both parties just to give an easeness for the family to be around on the events.

How this was done?
By the time the sending tajau was done, usually the receiver will make one party to celebrate this. Both the family members, uncles and aunties will be around to see the events. At this time, both party will introduce themselves and this will give them chances to talk and know more on each other.

The sending is just like a normal giving gift such as when you are giving present to someone in the birthday party. So there is not much of a specific rules to be follow.

As for me, this was really interesting culture that we need to preserve. Nowadays can be seen a lot of dusun girl getting married with foriegners or guy from other race. But then they had never do this culture anymore. Letting their relatives know more about the family has never been in their mind. What all is just to have a big party and let them know from just the name on the wedding board.

Hope this can be something that the dusun people will preserve. By the way if I wrongly write the information, you gotta let me know so that this can be a reliable reference. If no changes means this is the correct one which I learn few days ago.

Written by Papa Shally
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