Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak: Self Made Billionaire & Millionaire

Steve Job & Steve Wozniak Net Worth

Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs is an important figure behind the establishment of Apple. Both plays an important role in making the company to reach what it is today. Without any of them, I think we would never have iPhone, iMac, iTunes and lots more. At the time I write this, it is known that Steve Wozniak net worth is $100 Million while on the other hand Steve Jobs by the time of his death six years ago in 2011 is estimated to have a net worth of $11 billion. It’s an amazing figure and it is also amazing how two person who started the same company ended up in a very different net worth.


What Makes Apple?

42 years ago Apple Computer started up as a small company in the Steve Jobs Parent’s Garage in Los Altos California. The reason this company started is because both of these partners have their own ability where Steve Wozniak  is an amazing electrical engineer who loves learning, an inventor and a creative thinker. While on the other hand Steve Jobs is an opportunist, a business minded and also a creative thinker. Not to forget thanks to Bill Fernandez who introduce them to each other.

Having both of Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak who has a different mindset is what founded the foundation of Apple until these day. Why? because without Steve Wozniak, apple mainframe will never existed and without Steve Jobs the Apple 1 will never be sold and of course there won’t ever be Apple line of products such as iPhone, iTunes, iMac, and so on.

But what’s more amazing about both of them were the path that they take in their life which leads Steve Jobs to be come a billionaire and Steve Wozniak to become a millionaire.


The Perfect Setup

In early days, Steve Wozniak is a man who likes to invent things. He would learn everything that he could from the technology that exist at that time and creatively create ideas from it. He is one who you could say a hard worker where at that time he is an important assets that no one had realize it. And I guess if he had never meet with Steve Jobs, we would not even know who is Steve Wozniak.

As for Steve Jobs, I could say that he is a person who is seeking for his enlightenment. He only found his goal upon meeting with Steve Wozniak. The fate meeting between him and Steve Wozniak is a perfect setup. And if that never happen, maybe we might be 10 years late in achieving what our technology had achieve today.


The Inventor Mindset


As what I have write earlier, Steve Wozniak is an amazing electrical engineer, an inventor and a creative thinker. He found himself immerse in a world of a creator. He has the heart of Kaizen, who want to continuously improve things so that  things would be much better than what it was.

An inventor mindset is a mindset for those who want to create a product. Product  could be anything range from physical products to a digital products. If you have the mind of improving what we currently have and turning it into something that is useful or creating something new for humankind, you have an inventor mindset.

Inventor mindset is one of the most important mindset that makes our world today. If there is no one with an inventor mindset, we won’t have light bulb. If there were no light bulb then we will still use fire at night.

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The Business Mindset

As for Steve Jobs, he is an opportunist, a business minded and also a creative thinker. He started from being someone who want to find his enlightenment. And finally he found his enlightenment from doing business. From being an opportunist.He takes matter into his consideration and found opportunity within that matters. He found the hard worker creator and take the opportunity to swing the world to the direction that he want.

A business minded person found opportunities everywhere. If he did not found the opportunities, he will try to create it. Normally is a decision maker and had a bold personality where they take a calculated risks. If you have these behavior, then you have a business mindset. But what you have to do next is to enhance yourself much better and also to find those opportunities that you can have.

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The business mindset vs The Inventor Mindset : What Made One a Millionaire Made the Other a Billionaire

In Steve Job and Steve Wozniak case, we know that both them have different mindset. Steve Job a business mindset and on the other hand Steve Wozniak an inventor mindset. If we take their mindset and convert it to their net worth, Steve Job by the time of his death is worth $11 Billion while Steve Wozniak net worth is $100 Million. These figures shows that both of them can reach a certain wealth in their life but the level of the wealth they accumulated is totally different. This difference exist due to them having a different mindset which then leads to where they want their life to be.

Lets go further into how they reach their net worth;

On December 12, 1980, Apple released its IPO, selling 4.6 million shares of stock at a split-adjusted price of $2.75 per share. It would ultimately generate more capital than Ford Motors’ 1956 IPO, and would even create more than 300 millionaires.

Prior to the IPO, Jobs owned 7.5 million, whereas Wozniak owned just under 4 million. Following the IPO, Jobs shares were worth just under $166 million and Wozniak’s were worth more than $87 million.

The only Apple employees (there were more than 100 by that time) who received stock options were those in the executive level. Such an arrangement is common for tech startups, but it overlooked the key contributions of several of its earliest employees.

Wozniak granted $10 million of his own shares to several of these employees, so they would profit from the IPO—something Jobs never did.

By mid-1983, the split-adjusted value per share had risen to $8.

So the source of Jobs’ initially greater wealth than his co-founder was that he had more shares and he held onto them … until May 1985 when—following declining sales, subsequent product failures, and conflicts with the Board—Jobs was stripped off all executive power. He sold all but one share of his stock (which entitled him to annual reports) and left the company, at which point the value of the stock plummeted to $1.98 per share.

Wealth-wise, he was still ahead.

Jobs made investments that paid off bigger than his Apple stock alone could ever have by starting another tech venture, NeXT, and buying the computer division of George Lucas’ Industrial Light & Magic, which he later incorporated as Pixar.

Pixar ultimately signed a three-picture deal with Disney. Toy Story was the first fully computer-animated feature that Pixar produced. Its release put Jobs’ net worth at $1.5 billion. Disney then acquired Pixar in 2006 for $7.4 billion in stock—138 million shares—making Jobs Disney’s largest shareholder. (He also owned more than half of Pixar’s shares.)

So from above, which one do you think you want to be? Someone with an inventor mindset or someone with a business mindset?

Going beyond: The business-inventor mindset

Here is something to think of. If we think properly, what if we become both? The business-inventor mindset. Having the ideas and urge to invent something and also at the same time become an opportunist who think of doing things into his business. Isn’t it great?

There were a lot of successful people with business-inventor mindeset and here are 3 examples; Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and The founder of Google Larry Page & Sergey Brin. All of them is an expert in their fields, they created something useful to everyone and then at the same time turn what they created into their business. Remember their story of long hours of hardwork to create Microsoft operating system, to create the fastest growing social media Facebook and to create the best search engine in the world Google? They invent it and at the same time they market it and of course with some collaboration with people who already succeed. But the point is, in their success story, they work more than anybody. They work hundred times harder since at the same time they are the creator and they are also the businessman. And not everyone is able to be like them. Not everyone can focus on creating and selling at the same time.

But well, this is mindset is much better than the standalone business mindset and inventor mindset.

And For You?

It is hard for anyone to have both business and inventor mindset at the same time. You can become one but it will require you to spend all your blood and sweat in achieving it. So the simplest way if you want to be successful is be a business mindset person. Unless you have a bullet proof plan and an expert, go for a business mindset.

Why? The world had lose all the boundaries since Internet. So do competition. You no longer compete with people in your hometown but you are competing with the whole world. Your competitor is so big thus it is a good thing if you could give all the task of inventing to those who are much more expert in their field and also at inventing thing.

When you do that, you have 1 less task to worry and then you can concentrate on the business. Believe me, doing business is not simple, it requires you to be out of your comfort zone and make a decision that most people did not dare to take. So if at the same time you are learning to be a creator, it will waste a lot of your time.

And here is something good for you. If you think that you have a business mindset and want to have your own business, or you think that you want to learn on how to have the business mindset, put in your email below. I will send you email on how you can start your business without you creating your own product and at the same time you will be able to earn commissions from $1250, $3300, $5500 up to $10,000 for every sales. You do not need to create a single product unless you think you want to create one and if by the time you want to create your product, you can have our team to help. So, don’t wait, fill in your details below and press the button to send it to me.

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