What Happen?

Look On the Pictures..

Do you knows that before this the place was full of houses? This was actually places where the illegals immigrants and some local people stay.

According to news last time, Government had actually inform the people there to move out from that place. It is Government land and what happen is the people resist on moving. So Government have to take a harsh action.

This was not a matter as that is government land and they can use it anytime. Anyway the real matters is here. It is government land but it is going to be develop to Condominiums ( this is what i heard from TV).. Condominiums means Place for those who have money to buy a condo in a big building. It is not that government cannot make condominiums but even they (mostly locals) stayed there ilegally, at least government must give them a new place to stay.

The destruction of this place has happens many times but they keep on building back their house. Why? It’s not that they want to do it there but they have to do it there. Making a low cost house from the old woods taken from other places and maybe that is not even a house if we analyze. Making house there as if they make house far from there they won’t have the house near to their work place as bus fare is expensive for them. Their house is their heaven, but where is their heaven now? Why not prepare another living place for them so that they can have their heaven back?

Maybe i’m not up to date anyway i never heard of any process of helping them. Maybe i don’t have enough information that the land is a personal lands and not own by government so sorry to government if it’s happens like i blame government. This means the land owner has his right to do so.. I not into making bad name for government but it is just a feelings of a normal citizen which cannot help a lot.

For those who owns house there, sorry to heard this but just work on find a new place even it was not prepared. Apply a new place for your new villages and ask government for approval. For those Illegal immigrants, i hope you all away from Sabah..Our Government spend a lot of money to get rid of you so why not you give up? If you are not here, government money can be spend to give new place to local who don’t have place.

As time goes by, living expenses getting higher who knows what will happen to them.. but we’ll hope government find a way to handle this..

Written by Papa Shally
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