Who to Blame?

As I went to buy my dinner for today, I happened to watch the TV3 news broadcast. One of the news that catch my interest is about the Killing of damaging animals (I was wondering a proper name for this) or “Pembunuhan Binatang Perosak”.

When I watch the scene that the News show, it was few RELA (a non-profit safety organization in Malaysia) that shooting the animals in people’s farm as the animals was known to be harming the people’s plantation. What so shocking for me was, the animals that they shoot is  Monkeys from few species and squirrels.

This had make me feel bad for the animals. Some of them might be the extincting species but what those people had done is killing them without mercy. Why they just think of killing it? Why not set a trap for them and catch them. Once it was catch the animals could be send to the Zoo or even to the reserve forest.

Does this people had gone crazy by shooting this animals and show it to the world on the television? What more importantly doesn’t they think that this animals is facing extinction?

When I think back, this had been amongst the worst thing done by Malaysian. The people who shoot the animals did not realize they were the one that create fuss to the animals habitate and caused the animals to run to the nears farm. They did not realize their responsibility to the animals after destroying the nature.

When we look back at the good point of this thing, the only thing will be their farm will be saved. But on the other hand, there is a lot of bad things that happen such as, the extinction of the animals, the rise up of the animals loving society to blame their action, and they are triggering people to kill animals like this as this was shown in the television.

One thing that I saw in this broadcast also, there is one people’s leader who involve in this. I do not know who it is but then he is creating a cheap publisity for this event and it is very lame of him.

Written by Papa Shally
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