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2020 and beyond

I have a thought since 26th December 2019 that this year is not an easy one. After the rare solar ring eclipse on the 26th, there I had a thought that Messiah is coming. But well that is only my thought. He still not here and hopefully he will not be here any thousand year soon.

But along the period from the 26th until now, there was quite a lot of event happening. Solar Eclipse, moon eclipse, assassination of Iran General, Iran attacking US military base in Iraq, another aeroplane crash, Influenza, COVID-19 and some other which makes quite the headline this early 2020. Too much things that happen which makes consuming the information is really hard. Like we was told, at the end of time lots of things beyond our imagination will happen.

By the time I was writing this, I am actually thinking of a new project to be done. I have neglected my blog for quite a while now and I have completed some of my personal project and it is running continuously as of now.

I realize that I have written a lot future post title that I am going to concentrate in this blog but I have yet done anything to fill the post with any relevant information. This make me realize that, my time is not enough for me to everything. I could no longer concentrate on doing a single blog as I need to maintain some other websites plus I do have my day job with a project that I am going to head soon.

Looking at this, I feel bad for my neglected blog. So I am going to upgrade this blog into something new. I have the idea of making it into an online shop as it will be much easier to have consistent content for the blog but I will see what I will decide for it soon.

Hopefully I will be able to keep updating this blog. Thanks for reading.

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9 Must know facts how do bloggers make Money

Ever heard of someone saying that he is a blogger and he makes money from blogging? I believe if you had been long enough using google to search for how do bloggers make money, you must have met with bloggers who brag “I make a lot of money from blogging!”, “I got no job, but I gain money from my blog!”, “I work a low salary job but my blog earn extra cash for me!” and so on. And actually what they said was the truth. We can make money from blogging and if you do it right, it can even become your largest source of income.

So how do bloggers make money from blogging?

There were a lot of method that blogger can make money from blogging but today I am going to tell you 7 must know fact how do blogger make money;

  1. Publishing advertisement from advertising media such as Google Adsense, Taboola, Mgid, exoclicks and so on
  2. Sell space in the blog
  3. Promoting affiliate marketing products on their blog
  4. Promoting own products
  5. Promoting own services
  6. Guest Blogging
  7. Event organizing
  8. Promoting business
  9. Sell Membership

#1 Publishing advertisement from advertising media such as Google Adsense, Taboola, Mgid, exoclicks and so on

Most bloggers are making money by putting up an advertisement in their blog. Each advertisement will pay them based on cost per thousand impression or cost per click commission. Cost per thousand impression commission or CPM commission was the commission given based from the advertiser cost for every 1 thousand view of the advertisement in their blog while cost per click commission or CPC commission was the commission that was given based on the winning cpc bid amount by the advertiser. Both of this is what used by most advertising media such as Google Adsense, Taboola, Mgid, Exoclicks and many other advertising company.

Some blogger were who are not promoting any products are highly into this kind of method to make money. Most news portal who are also using blogging platform such as WordPress also did the same. They are using all opportunity provided by these advertising media to make money for them while they concentrate on making articles for everyone to read.

But for some who are running a professional site such as service site or affiliate marketing site, publishing advertisement from advertisement company is not their choice. This is to avoid those advertisement company promoting their competitor in their website which in return could reduce their sales. For example if you are an affiliate marketer selling a diet pill and in your blog there was an advertising area which you set to produce image advertising. What do you think will happen if on your product page the advertising company was displaying advertisement from your main diet pill competitor. I believe they will click on the advertisement and will leave your site for another site who are selling the same kind of pill.

By the way, for the past years after the booming of internet, publishing advertisement from advertising media had been one of the most successful ways of making money online. The reason was it was automated, the displayed ads is not the same all the time and blogger does not need to spend time to create an eye catching and seductive advertisement.

#2 Sell space in the blog

Here is another popular way of how bloggers make money. This is widely used by affiliate marketer since their ability to control what they are going to display in their website. They can choose to wait for their space to be bought by their site visitor or they can approach potential company who are in their niche to ask them if they are interested to buy a spot in their website.

The prices for buying a space is determine by the owner of the blog. Some might cost as low as $5 per month to as expensive as $1000 per month or more. The factors that help the owner of the blog to determine the pricing were the traffic that go into the website, the length of a person will stay on the website, positioning of the space in the website and lots more.

A space that cost as low as $5 per month might be using a rotating spot. Where this space might be shared by 10 person thus increasing the owner of the blog income while maintaining low advertising price for the advertiser which will make it affordable to everyone. As for the really expensive space, which could cost until $1000 per space, it is due to high traffic into the site and the analyzed click through rate is high which will be beneficial to the advertiser itself.

So for a blogger who just started and who like to choose their advertiser, they might sell a few space. If there were 10 space of 125px x 125px that cost $5 each and shared by 10 person their estimated earning could be $500 per month and this is how a blogger make money. And for a professional blogger who have high traffic flow, they might be selling each space for $1000 and it is not shared. Their estimated earning could be $10,000 per month which could help pay the expenses of a small family of 5.

#3 Promoting affiliate marketing products on their blog

This is one of the method most of the personal blogger will resort to. Like me, when I first started I used google advertising a lot and then as time goes by, I started to join affiliate marketing and of course I promote them to my readers in my blog. This is the most preferred way to make money as the commission is much larger and if you are a niche based website it will be much easier for you to make money.

Lots of affiliate marketer only promote product that they used in their blog and they did earn much more than people who uses adsense or selling the space. This is due to the ability of the owner of the blog to promote affiliate marketing products. As it was in their blog, they are able to write anything they want to increase their visitor confidence in the product that they are promoting.

Then after they make their first successful sales, the customer who are already in the system will be introduced and reintroduced with few other product which are highly useful for them. This is an affiliate marketer up-selling method and proven to be really profitable for affiliate marketer. Thus making some of the affiliate marketer sales to reach millions of dollars per month.

#4 Promoting own product

While it is good to promote other people product as an affiliate marketer, it is actually much better to promote your own product. Thus some affiliate marketer will eventually turned into a product creator. By being the product creator, the earning might not be big as they are paying commission to their affiliate marketer, but the high volume that they get is will be the highest driving point for them to produce their own product.

So where does these affiliate marketer turned product creator promote their product? Of course they will first brag about their product in their own blog. While they are making their product, they will first make a preview to their readers in their blog to create a group of people who are interested in their upcoming product. Then after sometime, they will launch their product and other affiliate marketer will start the race to promote the product.

Other than they become a product creator, some bloggers was actually an offline seller. They are selling a physical products and they have learned how to post their product in some e-Commerce website such as Aliexpress, Amazon or eBay. And after series of education about selling products, they will learned the strong point of having a blog to sell their products. Then the will eventually become a blogger themselves and they will start promoting their products in their blog. Remember that having a blog is like having a brand of yourself which you will show to the whole world. So it will be easier for product owner to actually sell from their blog and make money from it.

#5 Promoting own Services

Some of the bloggers actually is a skilled person. They have skill that other people want and normally most of them will post their skill at Fiverr, Freelancer, Up Work or any freelance website to search for customer. But, this method will have a lot of competitions due to the numbers of people having almost the same skill sets and experience searching for jobs in these freelance website.

So what they can do was to become a blogger and post their portfolio in their own blog. Having their own blog will gives them flexibility to control how they want to display their skills in their portfolio. They can concentrate on their skill’s search engine keywords and increase their organic traffic to their blog and thus increase the chances of getting a project.

By becoming a blogger they remove all the restriction that they had in freelance website and at the same time reduce the competition since they will be facing a bigger audience and there is no “Recommended Freelancer” as shown in most of freelance website. With this they could actually get better exposure and it is much easier to create trust between them and the potential customer.

Just a side note, even though bloggers blog about their skills and put up a beautifully designed portfolio to attract their potential customer, it is still a good method to post up all their skills on the freelance websites and link back to their blog (if possible) this could increase the organic traffic coming from these freelance website.

#6 Guest Blogging

Ever heard of guest blogging? Guest blogging is like a person invited into a TV show. This method helps to make a popular TV show to have more variety and in turn will increases exposure of the invited person. On the other way round ,for a new TV show which is not popular inviting popular celebrity to join the TV show will help boost their popularity.

Same as blog, some reputable blog owner always search for guest blogger to show up in their blog. This will either happen between a less popular blog with a popular blogger or a popular blog with a good blogger. Both of this happens only when there were some interest involved.

So for blogger who are normally invited, they will actually be paid for what they posted on the blog. And the payment usually varies from how popular the blogger was or how big was the blog owner that request for a guest blogging.

For most blogger, getting the right to write into a reputable blog is equal to big opportunity to showcase their writing and make their name known to the world. Aside from making some amount of cash that will be paid by the reputable blog owner, in the long run they will get more exposure and much more people will know about them. Once they become popular, much more guest blogging offer will come and this will be a continuous source of income for them.

#7 Event organizing

When we talk about event organizing, it is not only related to offline event. Event can be hosted online too. For example, hosting top commentator event, top blog referral event and so on. The event will normally came with prizes and of course the prizes should be something that will make people to be really interested to join the event such as mobile phone, gadgets and so on.

Even this seems like blogger using money rather than making money but the reality was the purpose of the event is much greater than the prize itself. For example for blogger who have their own products, an event such as top referral will be rewarding for them. As an example, a blogger who have an eBook selling at $49, earning after minus affiliate commission was $12.25 (75% commission) and he was able to get as much as 3000 sales from his affiliate. His earning would be 3000 sales * $12.25 = $36,750 for a specific event. Then he will use estimated $10,000 of the money to rewards his user. So his final earning is $26,750 plus subscriber information which is priceless. With the information, he will be able to do a lot more thing like contacting his subscriber or potential lifetime customer easily.

Event organizing if done correctly and reach the final goal, will be highly rewarding. And in long run helps a lot for blogger to make money online. And if you went to some affiliate marketer blog, they are still using this technique until now to increase their online side income.

#8 Promoting business

Brick and mortar business or conventional business normally will need advertising but they do not have either the proper technique for advertising or large capital. So one long term advertisement for them was to get a review from blogger. And not only from a new blogger but from blogger who has decent traffic to their website, has good online reputation with loyal readers and the advertising price is within their budget.

So how blogger make money from this was they seek for these business owner either by going from business to business or if they are popular enough they do get invitation to do the promotion. Some of them will put a a contact form or contact information in their blog so that it will be easier for these business owner to contact them.

The price of promoting business is depending on the blog owner itself. They can provide review from $50 per article to even a few hundred bucks per article and the price is heavily influenced by the traffic that the blog could provide. Business owner will have huge advantage for this kind of advertising. The review about their business will be accessible by everyone as long as the blog exist and has a good reputation and in long term this is actually the cheapest paid advertising available on the net.

Most blogger still loves this way of making money as over the time they will receive a lot of offer and this will also help them in creating content for their blog. With offer coming in, endless idea for content will also be available. Thus helping the blog to prosper and rich with new content everyday.

#9 Sell Membership or Subscription

Blogger who had been publishing content for a long time will have lots of valuable content. Some of it can be turn into a premium content and will only be available to the member of the site. Any site selling a membership normally will cost from $15 per month to $69 per month or even greater.

Imagine a blog with thousands of premium contents, 1000 members and the membership cost at $19. The blog is estimated to generate around $19,000 per month. And it is a good side income for blogger who are doing it as a part time.

If you go around the internet, you will find many bloggers doing this. They let you read some of their content and for some really critical and important content, you will have to subscribe or become a member of their website. This way of making money is one of the best way for blogger to make money by using their blog. They create content all the time and when their content was really informative, people will subscribe. Plus they even provide some perks so that people tend to subscribe.

Extra information for you

Well, after reading 9 must know facts how do bloggers make money, here is something much more useful for you. Remember when I write in #3 Promoting Affiliate Marketing Products on their blog? Most of the blogger was actually trained to do so. Most of them received proper training from affiliate marketing education website such as Wealthy Affiliate, Clickbank University, Fred Lam and a few other website which most of them suggest that an affiliate marketer must host their own content. The reason why they need to host their own content was so that it will be easier for them to customize the content itself so that it will fits with the niche they are in.

By far the biggest income that a blogger can earn was through affiliate marketing. Many was earning millions of dollar per month from being an affiliate marketer but many still not making money due to lack of experience and no one to coach them. So the easiest way to actually become an affiliate marketer is by joining Wealthy Affiliate. Why I chose wealthy affiliate was due to their services that you can use for free and without you providing your card or bank information. After I wasted more than $2500 in MOBE Scam, I went to wealthy affiliate and been using their resources for free. It was easy to learn with them and I’ve been with them for almost 2 years now. Even I am with them for so long, the material is still a lot for me to use and their content was always up to date.

So I hope my post will be helpful to you. Be the first to read my post and please share. Thanks.

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5 Ways To Generate Your Online Side Income Without Startup Capital

If you are having financial difficulties and were wondering how you can generate your online side income, here is 5 ways to generate your online side income without startup capital. You don”t need money to start up but you will need to spend some time and also be passionate so that it will be successful.

#1 Sell on Facebook

Facebook is the largest social media network that provides lots of opportunities. And there were a lot of people who are already making millions of dollars in Facebook. So this will be one of the best place to actually start generating your online side income.

So this is how you can start generating side income in Facebook;

  1. Open a Facebook account if you do not have one
  2. Send friend requests with all your offline friends and of course at the same time make new friends
  3. Make a page of your brand and start posting about your product to your facebook page
  4. Make a community group of your brand. Share your post in your Page to this group and other potential community group
  5. Start answering any queries on your product and make money.

Well that is how you can do it. I will explain more in detail in my other post

#2 Sell on instagram

Instagram which is currently owned by Facebook had been one of the best location to start selling your product or services. Like Facebook, it is much easier for people to follow on instagram if you are promoting your own brand and also posting interesting stuff. Here is how you can get started

  1. Register an account on Instagram
  2. Start following with your friends and also make new friend too
  3. Start posting to your Instagram with pictures of your products and some other enjoyable stuff
  4. Be active and let more follower to follow you

#3 Sell on Shopee/eBay/Amazon/Ali Express

This is very popular method for you to generate your side income and I still do promote my products on these websites. It is not hard to promote on these websites. The only thing that you need to prepare was your product information and pictures that you will show in these websites. Here is what you need to do

  1. Go to their website
  2. Register your account as a seller
  3. Start uploading your product with the best offer you could provide
  4. Share your products to social media

#4 Sell service on Fiverr/Freelancer/Up Work

If you have skills that other people might need, it is best if you try to use your skill. Someone out there is searching for a talent like you. It is not on a full time basis but it is on a part time basis. They might even ask for your expertise again and if you are lucky enough, you will involve in a large project.

So here is how you can sell your service

  1. Visit these website
  2. Register as a member
  3. Start browsing for a job and bid for the project with the best charges that you could give.

Remember being lowest prices doesn’t mean that you can win the bid. It will eventually goes back to how much you concentrate on making your portfolio/showcase to look perfect. Then after finishing a project, your customer will most likely give you a review. If not, ask them to give a good one for you. So always remember that you getting a job means that you get the opportunity to make money. Try the best you could to complete it and get a good review so that it will be easier for you to get the next project.

#5 Publish videos to Youtube

One of the best place to generate your side income is by using Youtube. Youtube had been the best online video streaming website. With millions of visitors daily there is infinite possibilities for you to make money.

Ever heard that traditional TV subscription is dying? The main reason is this, people tends to watch video online more than watching the programmed television at home due to it’s flexibility to watch anything from anywhere.

So here is how you can generate your side income from youtube;

  1. Go to Youtube and register your account
  2. Click the Create Youtube Channel on the gear icon at the top of your screen
  3. Name your channel for your specific niche and do the settings for your channel following the guideline from Youtube
  4. After everything complete, start uploading your videos to Youtube.
  5. Share the video to your social media to get faster exposure
  6. After reaching the minimum requirement, you can apply for video monetization. Once approve you will be able to earn money. It will take some time but it is worth to do.

There were a lot of youtuber who earn five to six figure online just by doing videos. It is a good place to start making money and if you are good with camera and video editing, this could be the best place you can start making money.

It will take sometime until other people notice you but once your video are popular, it will be much faster for you to get more subscriber.


There is a lot more website that lets you make money without any startup capital but what I am showing you is the easiest method that you can earn money. If you do it right and of course do some optimization, you can earn much better.

Always remember, it is not easy to start but if you did not take action to start, you won’t ever know the possibilities ahead of you. Once you had made some progress, you will know what you need to do next and this will help you a lot especially when you are fine tuning your side income.

If you have any suggestion on this, please leave a comment on the comment section below.

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Stop Papar Dam

Kawan sekerja saya tanya pendapat saya mengenai empangan papar dan saya sangat tidak bersetuju dengan projek ini. Saya bukan berpihak pada mana-mana pihak tetapi saya masih mengharapkan agar kerajaan dapat membatalkan projek ini dan menggunakan kaedah lain. Disebabkan itu saya membuat satu petition di dan mengharapkan agar semua dapat tandatangan

My colleague had been asking me about my opinion on Papar Dam and I am strongly disagree with it. I am not against government but still I would hope that Government will cancel this project and opt for other option. So I open a petition at and would hope for everyone to sign.

Please click on this link to sign the petition

Sila klik link ini untuk sign petition

Contents of the petition

Bantuan seluruh warga sabah adalah diperlukan bagi menghentikan pembinaan empangan papar dan juga empangan-empangan lain disebabkan perkara-perkara berikut

  1. Pembinaan empangan menghancurkan ekosistem dengan kemusnahan pokok-pokok dan tumbuh-tumbuhan yang mana mungkin terdapat spesis-spesis yang hampir pupus.
  2. Pembinaan empangan akan memusnahkan berjuta-juta habitat haiwan terutama spesis-spesis haiwan yang belum dikenal pasti dan sedang mengalami kepupusan
  3. Pembinaan empangan menyebabkan gangguan fizikal, emosi dan kehidupan kepada penduduk-penduduk bagi kawasan yang terlibat dengan projek ini
  4. Terdapat teknologi lain boleh digunakan seperti “Desalination Plant” yang mana ianya lebih praktikal disebabkan oleh iklim dunia sekarang yang tidak menentu dan semakin panas.
  5. Keadaan suhu dunia sekarang yang semakin meningkat akan menyebabkan paras air laut akan naik. Pada masa akan datang kawasan darat akan semakin berkurangan disebabkan oleh kenaikan paras air laut ini dan adalah menjadi tanggungjawab kita untuk menyelamatkan kawasan darat yang tinggal ini.

Beberapa perkara boleh dilaksanakan bagi membantu mengatasi masalah kekurangan air seperti;

  1. Memperbanyakkan mini catchment area yang boleh digunakan untuk mengumpul dan menyimpan air hujan. 
  2. Menjalankan kajian dan kaedah lain bagi mengatasi masalah bekalan air seperti mengenal pasti kawasan yang mempunyai air bawah tanah dan mencari kaedah bagi membolehkan “earth natural water reservoir” ini dapat di selenggara dan air yang digunakan dapat diganti semula.
  3. Meningkatkan kempen penjimatan air. Yang mana kempen seperti ini jarang sekali dilaksanakan oleh Kerajaan melalui road show dan lain lain.
  4. Memperkenalkan pengumpulan air dari rumah yang lebih efektif yang mana air-air seperti ini boleh dihantar dari rumah terus ke pusat rawatan air setempat. Ini akan mewujudkan pendapatan tambahan kepada penduduk yang terlibat dengan projek seperti ini
  5. Membuat regulasi kepada industri-industri tempatan yang banyak menggunakan air agar menggunakan kaedah “zero effluent” yang mana industri-industri seperti ini perlu mewujudkan rawatan air di kilang-kilang mereka. Industri juga merupakan pengguna air terbesar selain daripada penggunaan domestik
  6. Menggunakan teknologi “desalination plant” yang mana ini akan membuka lebih ruang pekerjaan dan teknologi ini boleh dikaji agar lebih efisien
  7. Meningkatkan pembanterasan penggunaan air secara haram

Terdapat lebih banyak pilihan lain yang boleh dibincangkan selain daripada membina empangan. Kerajaan seharusnya mencari kaedah lain yang lebih effisien dan berkesan dalam jangka masa yang panjang.

Pembinaan empangan ini bukanlah pembunaan empangan yang terakhir kerana penggunaan air akan terus meningkat. Oleh itu teknologi baru harus digunakan agar sebarang kelemahan dapat diperbaiki bagi kebaikan masa hadapan.

Tolong sokong dan kongsi.

Help from all sabahan is needed to stop the Papar Dam project and other Dam project due to the reason below;

  1. Dam to be build will destroy ecosystem by destroying trees, plants where there might be species that is almost extinct
  2. Dam to be built will kills millions of animal habitat especially animal species that is not yet identified and undergoing extinction
  3. Dam to be built will caused physical, mental, emotional and life disturbance to local people which was involved with this project
  4. There were other option that can be used such as desalination plant where it is much more practical due to the unexpected world climate and the increasing world temperature.
  5. World temperature is increasing thus causing sea water level to increase. In the future land will be lesser due to this problem. Thus it is our responsibility to save these lands.

A few things  can be done to help our water supply problem;

  1. to increase mini catchment area that can be use to collect and store rain water.
  2. To research and find other method that can solve our water suply problem such as to identify more underground water reservoir a to find ways to maintain and conserve the water that was used from the earth natural water reservoir.
  3. To increase save water campaign. Where campaign like this is seldom promoted by government through roadshow and so on.
  4. To introduce water catchment from home which is much more effective where water from this catchment will be sent from home direct to the local water treatment plant. This will create another income stream to locals who are involved with this project
  5. To regulate local industries who uses a lot of water so that they will employ zero effluent technology where these industries will need to build water and effluent treatment plant. This water treatment plant will treat the water thoroughly and it can be used again in their system. Industries was the biggest user of water other than domestic user.
  6. To use desalination plant technology where this will increase job opportunities and this technology can be further research so that it will be much more efficient
  7. To increase prevention of illegal water usage.

 There were other option that can be discussed other than to build dam. Government should employed other method that is much more efficient and effective in long run.

This will not be the last dam because water usage will increase. Thus other new technology should be used so that any ineffectiveness can be improved for our future generation

Please support and share.

Please click on this link to sign

Sila klik link ini untuk sign petition

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Retirement Early Myth or Truth?

I had been thinking about the word that some affiliate marketer had been talking here and there regarding retirement early and I was wondering is it a myth or the truth?

Well this is not for me to decide but it will be depending on each individual. But here is my thought on this matter. Whenever I see ads or blog post about retirement early, I always asked myself, he is saying that he enjoyed retirement early but why did he still work. Why did he still promoting a product when he is already retired?

…please always remember that there is no proven retirement early product as no affiliate marketer ever prove that they retired early

And I see some of them did actually retired from their day job and become an affiliate marketer instead. But isn’t an affiliate marketer is consider as a job and means that you are not retired?

From my understanding a retired person will no longer have attachment to finding money. He will have no attachment to anything related to work and will have free time to enjoy all other things in his life.

What differentiate between retired person was their financial capacity. Either they have quite a large nest egg or maybe they just have enough. So, if for example you meet with an affiliate marketer who said he has his retirement early, but still doing affiliate marketing, what do you think about him? Maybe, well maybe you will think he retired early but with little nest egg to support his retirement. But would you still believe in what he is saying?

If me, I will not. If I found any blog or any affiliate marketer promoting a product and said he had his retirement early with the product that he sells, I will not buy it. The reason was, there was a high risk that the product is not effective at all. Why would someone who already retired early keep selling a product? Unless he falls into the trap retirement early or some bad pyramid schemes.

It is much better for you to buy a product such as affiliate marketing class which will help you to generate income. Not a product which says that it will help you with retirement early since until now I have not seen any retired affiliate marketer posting their last post in their blog saying that “This is my last post. Thanks to the product that I promote I can now enjoy retirement early”. If you ever found one please let me know by commenting below.

So for me, retirement early is just a myth. No one ever prove that they retired early. What all affiliate marketer do was they keep posting and posting products which help them to get more income. They spend their time by working few hours everyday to tell people this product was good and you should buy this. They even spent some money on advertising, or SEO. Some even shared their content to social media. They are not retired and they are still selling to increase their money in the bank account.

So if you found any website selling a retirement early product, just beware and it is best to avoid it. Even if the landing page is very beautiful and intimidating, please always remember that there is no proven retirement early product as no affiliate marketer ever prove that they retired early.

Since no retirement early product is proven, it does not mean that you cannot retired early. Why waste your time on a product that is not proven when there was an affiliate marketing class that is proven to help you generate income such as Clickbank University and Wealthy Affiliate? Both this of this was an established and popular affiliate marketing education provider which will be able to help you in finding more money online.

They are proven to produce successful affiliate marketer who had been generating millions of dollars online. This is not a retirement early product as the product owner is still sharing their knowledge with everyone. But this product might help you to prepare for your retirement where if you do it right, you will be able to generate millions of dollar and with that much money, you can stop doing all the work and spend the rest of your time not thinking about work as you have enough money to pay for everything. And when that time comes, please do tell me the product that help you to retired early by commenting and linking your last post to my comment section below.

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My 3 Biggest Regrets Online

Do you have any regret in life? To be specific in your online life? If you don’t have any, it’s good. For me I have a few regrets in my online life. Especially those which were related to online side income. If I had never done this before, maybe I can become one of the most successful affiliate marketer.

By the way these regrets were something that happen to me. Hopefully you will read on so that you won’t be facing the same regret as me in the future.

1. Not consistent in working on my online side income

As you know my online side income came from google advertising through my networked of websites and also from affiliate marketing. All of this is generating money to help me pay my bills. But for the past 10 years I am not able to run all my websites consistently.

I remember that I start with affiliate marketing in 2009. As I am new to affiliate marketing, I was not able to do it the right way. Unlike now where we already have Clickbank University, 10 years ago there is no affiliate marketing class which is systematic enough to teach you from A to Z. All the classes available has different syllabus and not all the training material is proven to be effective. Due to this, i am stuck on learning and researching for the correct way of doing affiliate marketing.

As it was taking quite some time for me to learn affiliate marketing, I started to lose hope in doing it. As I started my career in October 2010, my life also started to change. I no longer have the luxury to write as it was so tiring for me to do it. My mindset was changed and I start focusing on my career. Thus causing me to slowdown and finally stop doing my websites and also affiliate marketing.

Little did I realize that stopping doing affiliate marketing and my websites is the biggest mistake in my life. What if I never stop doing affiliate marketing? Throughout the years, I would have been a good affiliate marketer much better than I am now with tons of article written in my blog. With so much article written, I would be able to turn all my article into an affiliate course which will be able to help a lot people.

Imagine if I am consistent at doing affiliate marketing, I believe that I would not have to start from the beginning all the time. I believe I would already have 1 product that I am really expert at and will be able to teach you every part of it. Plus my sales will be much better than I have right now.

2. Afraid of Taking Action

When I just started in affiliate marketing, one of my favourite blog at that time is John Chow. JC shows all he does as an affiliate marketer and at the same time he also promoted the product that will be beneficial to affiliate marketer.

I was still studying when I started as an affiliate marketer. As a student, nothing was cheap for me so I did not even spent anything to buy affiliate marketing product that will be able to boost my growth in affiliate marketing. I am only depending on free resources that is available on the internet.

Only in 2017 when I started back did I bought the 21 Step Business Strategy by MOBE and then through their upsell which provides proper educational for affiliate marketer I decided to take a step ahead to buy the USD2500 (RM10,000) course. As I bought my first expensive course, I explore down to every services that they provide. It was really good and it helps a lot in helping me to relearn affiliate marketing.

Getting into a proper affiliate marketing courses really help me a lot and change most of my point of view in affiliate marketing. Through courses such as this, I did learn many valuable marketing technique and strategy that I never found before. Plus there were tools that was introduced to me that was really useful in helping me to create my promotion.

3. Offer that is too good to be true won’t last too long.

When I enroll in MOBE Gold Masterclass, my main target was to promote MOBE as the commission is quite big. Imagine being a student will entitle me to take half of the fee as my commission. Means whenever I am able to sell a $2500 course, I will earn $1250. Without being a student, I am only eligible for around 20% to 30% of the commission. So that is why I enroll as a masterclass then planning to go up the ladder once I already earn up the money from the sales.

But what happen was, back in June 2018 MOBE was shut down by FTC. Reason for this was inability for MOBE to process refund for those who had requested for it and also some of the courses promotion was too good to be true.

Taking all the tools that they provide aside, when course such as this surface in the internet, all we need to do was to be wary of it. Affiliate marketing might work for some people and might not work for some other people. Lots of them was just people who are trying the new method of making money. And they are not passionate about affiliate marketing at all. So sooner or later they will eventually stop doing affiliate marketing.

Having people like this in the team will eventually causes crack in premium courses such as MOBE. Why I say this was, just imagine if you are the one paying $2500 or even higher for the courses in MOBE, your first few month will be your learning month and you will slowly start implementing the strategy outlined by the course mentor. But as you do it in almost 6 months, there was no sales and it will really be bad for you as your investment is not showing any progress. So what would you do? You can either ask for refund or maybe take them to the court as their business strategy could not work with you. And this is what causes MOBE to go down. Their courses which range from $2,500 to $20,000 is not so cheap for most people. So whenever you found a course such as this which will promise you a big commission, it is actually too god to be true and it won’t last for a long time.

You will lose money, lose time and even lose all your blood and sweat that you have spent for making your affiliate marketing empire. Luckily for me, even as I lose money in MOBE, I found Wealthy Affiliate, Clickbank University and Fred Lam. Each of them had their own advantages and their price is not too expensive too. Even in their landing pages they bragged about how they had been generating millions or billions to date, well it won’t hurt as much as joining MOBE as their course is not too expensive even when it was a monthly subscription. Plus they were on par and currently much better than MOBE.

And it won’t hurt for you to have a look and even try joining Wealthy Affiliate to see if what I said is true or not as Wealthy Affiliate also let you join as a free member.

What About You?

I’ve told you about the thing that I regret the most in my online life, so this will be a good and expensive lesson for me as it consumes a lot of time and money. As for you, this will be one of the things that you need to be wary off. Always keep in mind everything that you do (including small decision) could greatly impact your life in the future.

Word of advice from me, if you were into making a decision in your life, try to talk with the people around you. You might get some insight that will help you in making a better choices. But even if you already obtained the insight, it won’t necessarily true. Follow what your heart tell you, think it over, keep calm and make the best decision suitable for you.

Hopefully what I write will greatly help you in your affiliate marketing life.

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Proven #5 steps business strategy at $1.99

How much will $1.99 worth for you? A coffee? A sandwich or maybe a donut?

But do you know that with $1.99 you can tap into a great knowledge that will help you in making money online? What I am saying is, with $1.99 you can get an audio book which will teach you about how you can become a successful business owner.

This audio book is created by Fred Lam and he is a successful young affiliate marketer and entrepreneur. He started as an affiliate marketer at a young age and has pave his way forward with millions of dollars with thousand of students online. Through his series of ups and down, he then create a simple 5 steps business strategy that you can have only at $1.99 and this is a whooping deals since it is much cheaper than a cup of cappuccino.

In this audio book you will learn about 5 steps business strategy that will help you with you current business or if you decided to be come an affiliate marketer. Here is what you will learn;

Step #1: Instant Online Presence

We live in the world of technology and it is the best time in history ever to easily and instantly create an online presence. Imagine, you can have an entire STORE up and running in just minutes.

Just twenty years ago – this was impossible. Now, I’ll give you the exact access to the resources you need to get started. They cost next to nothing and can have you in business FAST.

Step #2: Inventory Arbitrage

This is one of my favorite parts of the system. So, every business need products to sell, right? However, buying a ton of inventory can be RISKY and expensive.

Well, not anymore. What if you could sell any of MILLIONS of products out there, without a penny in risk or any stock. You never need to warehouse or ship or anything.

Meet my INVENTORY ARBITRAGE method – this is exactly how my students have been able to sell over $31 Million worth of products (without ever risking a dime in inventory).

Step #3: Fast & Targeted Traffic

Traffic is the lifeblood of any businesses. So many businesses fail before they even start because they do not know how to generate traffic.

The truth is that it can be very complicated and confusing. I mean, there are so many different options – where do you start? Well, not with my system. We keep it simple. There is just one strategy and one place you need to go.

I’ll show you exactly what to do in my audio book!

Step #4: Profit Multiplier

Now, it’s time to take your customers and sky-rocket the profits you make from them.

Once you have customers coming into your business, you need to maximize your numbers. This is the secret I personally use to allow me to scale up my advertising FAST. The more money your customer spends, the more money you make and the more traffic you can get.

I call this the Profit Multiplier. I share ways on how you can ask your customers for more money while providing them with value and what they truly want without annoying them.

Step #5: Rinse & Repeat

When you scale up your business, you have several opportunities at hand. One is simply to rinse and repeat it. This 5-step system works. You can create however many businesses you want with it, scale it up, sell it or create a legacy for your kids.

It is an interesting audio book and it will be helpful especially when you just started in making money online. So have a look and see if it is suitable for you.

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My 3 real life Lesson in Making Money Online

When I first step into affiliate marketing world back in 2009, I found Clickbank. Clickbank were hosting thousands of affiliate marketing products and I try to promote some of the products. But what happen is after few month of trying, I am only able to make 1 sale. But since I could not make my second sale, I slowly lose the only commission that I made at the time. Frustrated with this, I decided to stop promoting clickbank (while others are making millions out of it) and then concentrate on making money only through the advertisement in my blog and my other websites.

I did make money through the advertisement at that time but not as much as the earning that people make through affiliate marketing. And in 2010 as I was busy working and no longer have the luxury to write, my websites started to slow down and finally some of it no longer exist.

As years pass by, in 2017 I was in quite a huge financial problem as my business is not working so well. So I decided to look for resources on how to make money and of course I go back to my all time favorites blogger John Chow. Then I found MOBE. MOBE was an affiliate marketing product created by Matt Lloyd, it is not so good but it is not too bad either. The only downside of this is the price of the course which is off the chart and when some of the member is not making money, they started to complain and that causes the end of this company. But for me this is where everything really start. I relearn everything about affiliate marketing and plant the seed of paid advertising in me.

As MOBE goes down and due to some problem I lose backup for all my websites as some of my automated website was hacked and compromised my whole server, I decided to stop doing my online business for a while and concentrate on my business and day job. I decided to use the things that I learn in MOBE and apply it to one of my offline business. With it my sales is stabilizing and until now it is still going as I improve it over the time.

Stabilizing and improving it is not an easy task. MOBE was there for me to make me relearn everything before. Now it is no longer around but it does not mean that you are not able to learn. From this experience there are 3 most important thing that I learn which I will explain further.

Lesson 1: There is no right or wrong way

The first thing that I learn over the years is knowing that not everything is right and not everything is wrong. You will eventually being feed with a lot of information as you are searching for how to make money online. Each of them is telling you to start here and there. And is different all the time until you reach the point where you feel that all the information is useless and will never work for you.

You have to note that this world is not made the same for everyone. The world was beautifully made that each one of us had different features. No thing in the world is the same. Even twins were visually the same but they were different in many ways. So does the way how you can make money online. If the first person who teach you he can make money by using technique A, it might not necessarily work for the second person and the same for you too. If it does work for someone else it might not work for you.

But, even if it does not work for you, not everything is that way. The thing you need to do is to passionately find the way to make things work. And always remember, you must start at a starting point where you already have a reference. What I mean is never start without knowing what you are doing. To do this, you will need to read and learn from other people. Look at their mistake and avoid the mistake. This will save your time and will eventually help you in making sure that you are in the right path.

But remember, you need to learn from those who are experienced and I believe there are a lot of them out there who can teach you and one of them was Clickbank University. Remember when I said I learn from MOBE? Clickbank University is actually almost the same to MOBE and they did produce a lot of affiliate marketer that is able to produce a good result. Don’t believe me? You can always check them out.

Lesson 2: Fail? Do it over and over again

Remember the story of Thomas Edison where he fail thousand of times before he successfully created a light bulb? Imagine if he stop mid way? Do you think we will have light bulb now?

It’s the same for you. When you starting at the journey of making money online, you will at first be very enthusiastic about it. From day 1 of your journey until day 90 and you did not see any result, you will start to doubt yourself. Then at day 120, you start realizing that you failed. All you have done before this is just wrong and it won’t be generating a single cents.

This will make you to be pessimistic about making money online as you have wasted lots of your days into something useless. But remember, if you stop at when you failed, you will lose the game. So what you should do is never ever be pessimistic. Grow your enthusiastic feeling in making money online and start over.

When you are starting over, you are a few steps ahead compared to when you first started. Your strong point is you know what you did wrong before and this will be your stepping stone to your success.

And when it happen again, repeat again and again and again until you reach the peak of your journey. As the Albert Einstein says, “You never fail until you stops trying”

Don’t do like what I have done, remember when I said I lose all the backup files? I was frustrated that I decided to stop for a while. And luckily, I am able to muster up my strength and off course start everything at the best point that I could.

Lesson 3: Take action

One of my biggest lesson is to always take action. It is too slow if you are researching first and then decide on what you want to do later on. So what you can do is, while you are researching, why not implement it if it does not cost anything? Or if you really do not have anything which will make you confident enough to take action, enroll in this course by Clickbank University. Clickbank University provides training courses that teaches about how to do affiliate marketing effectively. It does outline every mistakes that marketers do and will be better starting point for you.

As for me previously, I started in making money online by reading from blogs to blogs. Hopping from every make money online blog that exist in 2009. What I did wrong was, I read and read and read but I never buy any of the materials that they explain in their blogs. Until one day in 2017 where I decided to take the 21steps by MOBE that I realize I had been in the wrong path all these years. In the course it pointed out that I need to use all the making money information that I get and then take necessary action to implement it.

And when I implement what I learn to one of my offline business, it started to make more sales for me. If I have never implement it, I believe until this day I never realize that not taking action is what stopping me from not making good sales.

So these 3 lessons is actually an expensive lesson for me. I take almost 8 years to realize it and I wish that you never do this mistake that I do. Start doing it as soon as you are able to. The faster you start the faster you will realize what is the best for you.

When you are starting, always remember to be enthusiastic and passionate. Throw any pessimistic feeling that might grow in you. Start from zero or from a starting point that was guided by other people as it was easier to start at a higher point.

Finally note that information is important but will be useless when there were no action taken. If I never take action, I believe I will never know what is the right way for me to make money. Hopefully this 3 lesson will be useful and helpful for you.

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Facebook for your business.

Facebook For Your Business

When I started my blog (Hot On Blog) in around 2008, I was into making money online through google adsense and some other publisher account. Well, I had been making decent money enough to pay for my car fuel and some entertainment money. Over the years my blog had been in a non productive year as I was busy with work until i found MOBE and learn deeper about social media marketing by using Facebook.

What I like about social media marketing by using Facebook is, most of my family and friends is in Facebook. Some of them is of course using instagram but still Facebook is much more preferable for most of the people that I know. And what’s more, over the time Facebook is evolving attracting most of us to spent almost all the hour in Facebook.

What is Facebook? Facebook is the largest social media and was founded by Mark Zuckerberg (well this is not entirely his idea).The innovation and functionality of Facebook sparks the interest in everyone until lots of the people who are not interested with online life started to go online with their mobile phone (thanks to the advancement of mobile phone) and spent many hours everyday peeking at their family and friends daily life, finding entertainment and so on.

These changes also creates opportunity to those who are doing business. Before Facebook there was Ebay and Amazon which brings business online. But then Facebook socialize business where business owner is able to naturally promote their product with their family, friends and to anonymous in their profile updates. This had then become a trend. People starts updating their Facebook profile with the products that they sell so that they could earn extra income. Some people even do this to earn for their living.


Not all was successful. By luck, some do it right the first time and then the second time they do it, they fail. For some other people, they never make a sales and they finally give up doing it. The reason for the failure is due to the higher competition in Facebook. At a larger audience in Facebook, the competition will be large too. And you will meet with fierce competitor who will be much more creative and who might be much better than you.

Meeting this kind of competitor which does not show you any weakness could crush your spirit. But this is not the end of the line. If you realize, Facebook had been showing sponsored posts and videos in your profile. This posts and videos was sponsored by business owner through Facebook Ads platform and it is naturally injected to your feeds so that you will feel that it is a posts or videos by someone who are in your friend list.

The fact that Facebook Ads competition is much lower was well known. This lower competition is due to most business owner is not using it as they does not know how to use it. Even if some know how to use Facebook Ads platform, their inability to use it correctly and effectively caused their advertisement to fail. So if you are either one of those, I would suggest that you take the Facebook Ads course.

Facebook Ads Course will tell you about how Facebook ads works and how you can set up a high converting advertisement that will boost your sales. This course will also explain why updating to your Facebook profile is not enough to give you sales, what other techniques you can use to optimize your advertisement to win the competition, split testing for producing highly converting advertisement and many more.

Other than when you enroll in Facebook Ads Course you will gain 9 others valuable bonuses such as internet business model, 35 ways tripling website traffic and much much more. So if you are interested in this, check Facebook Ads course now.

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The Missing Years

It has been awhile from when I stop doing my blog again. I remember I start blogging again in May 2017 and was quite active doing affiliate marketing. While I am on that, there is some unwanted circumstances which causes me to lost all the database and only able to recover this database which dated back to March 2017.

So what going to happen next is, for a while I am not sure what I want to do with my blog. I still love it and still thinking of doing something that will be useful to people. Finally I decided to continue doing affiliate marketing which will be my core topic and of course at the same time I will share a lot of other information which will be useful for you. Hopefully you will like it and subscribe to me.