11th UMS tamu gadang and Convocation

By October 5, 2009 Events, People, Sabah, UMS

It’s here again, the annual University Malaysia Sabah grand event, UMS Tamu Gadang and 11th Convocation. This year there should a lot of interesting thing around the Tamu Gadang and Convocation. And the one that might take interest the most is the opening for Tamu gadang where there will be singing, dancing and performance from popular singer. Since there is not much advertisement that I saw regarding the event, then I am not sure when is it but for sure it is at night and who will be coming for the events to give performance.

The tamu gadang will officially start in 6th of October 2009 and ends on 13th of October 2009 and the location is as usual at the parking space in front of Anjung Siswa or, near the Chancellor Hall. On the other hand, the convocation will be on 10th to 13th of October 2009.

As mentioned before, this event is one of the grand event in UMS. Most of the students that graduated this year will come and take their Convocation Certificate. It was a normal thing that happen every year. But for those who graduated, this will be their last chance to take picture with their friend that they have known for 3 or 4 years and also this will be the day they no longer hold the status as a student for those who will then continue to search for job.

For me, this will mean the start of a new life after nearly 16years becoming a student. Being the victim to the  education syllabus  (lol, joking in this part).. And after this will be the working world, world where things gets more cruel and it will be the hardest part in life.

So, good luck to those who graduated and hope you can cope with your working life in the future which is more stressful but fun if you are enjoying it.

About the tamu gadang, there is a lot of interesting stuff that you will see, and in some point for the students, they will enjoy the food the most. For me, I don’t really remember on what take my interest there but this is a good thing since, I would not have to tell you and you have to come yourself to see it.

And it is more enjoyable when you are there compare to you reading the enjoyable thing in that place. So why not take a cab or bring your family to came to UMS..

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