11th UMS Tamu Gadang

This post is an extend to the 11th UMS Tamu Gadang and Convocation post that I created yesterday. Please follow the link to read more on it ok..

Today, as I writing this article, maybe UMS had just finish their opening ceremony for the 11th UMS Tamu Gadang. I heard that Heliza will be coming to perform. She is a UMS student and for sure UMS admin are inviting her.

By the way, this after noon, I did spend some part of my time to go to UMS Tamu Gadang together with 2 of my friends. And I take this opportunity to take some shot. Before You look on the pictures, I could say that it was an interesting place to visit since all the Schools in UMS are opening their own booth and you can see their latest invention or maybe you are interested to enroll in UMS, then you can ask them if you got doubts.

Another thing that caught my interest is the games with handphones as the prize. you can see it in one of the pictures too. Also this time I put my picture holding M-16. I guess this is my second picture in my own blog. 😀

Hope you enjoy the pictures..

Papa Shally

Papa Shally

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