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By February 14, 2020 My Thoughts

I have a thought since 26th December 2019 that this year is not an easy one. After the rare solar ring eclipse on the 26th, there I had a thought that Messiah is coming. But well that is only my thought. He still not here and hopefully he will not be here any thousand year soon.

But along the period from the 26th until now, there was quite a lot of event happening. Solar Eclipse, moon eclipse, assassination of Iran General, Iran attacking US military base in Iraq, another aeroplane crash, Influenza, COVID-19 and some other which makes quite the headline this early 2020. Too much things that happen which makes consuming the information is really hard. Like we was told, at the end of time lots of things beyond our imagination will happen.

By the time I was writing this, I am actually thinking of a new project to be done. I have neglected my blog for quite a while now and I have completed some of my personal project and it is running continuously as of now.

I realize that I have written a lot future post title that I am going to concentrate in this blog but I have yet done anything to fill the post with any relevant information. This make me realize that, my time is not enough for me to everything. I could no longer concentrate on doing a single blog as I need to maintain some other websites plus I do have my day job with a project that I am going to head soon.

Looking at this, I feel bad for my neglected blog. So I am going to upgrade this blog into something new. I have the idea of making it into an online shop as it will be much easier to have consistent content for the blog but I will see what I will decide for it soon.

Hopefully I will be able to keep updating this blog. Thanks for reading.

Papa Shally

Papa Shally

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