9 Must know facts how do bloggers make Money

By September 3, 2019 Make Money Online

Ever heard of someone saying that he is a blogger and he makes money from blogging? I believe if you had been long enough using google to search for how do bloggers make money, you must have met with bloggers who brag “I make a lot of money from blogging!”, “I got no job, but I gain money from my blog!”, “I work a low salary job but my blog earn extra cash for me!” and so on. And actually what they said was the truth. We can make money from blogging and if you do it right, it can even become your largest source of income.

So how do bloggers make money from blogging?

There were a lot of method that blogger can make money from blogging but today I am going to tell you 7 must know fact how do blogger make money;

  1. Publishing advertisement from advertising media such as Google Adsense, Taboola, Mgid, exoclicks and so on
  2. Sell space in the blog
  3. Promoting affiliate marketing products on their blog
  4. Promoting own products
  5. Promoting own services
  6. Guest Blogging
  7. Event organizing
  8. Promoting business
  9. Sell Membership

#1 Publishing advertisement from advertising media such as Google Adsense, Taboola, Mgid, exoclicks and so on

Most bloggers are making money by putting up an advertisement in their blog. Each advertisement will pay them based on cost per thousand impression or cost per click commission. Cost per thousand impression commission or CPM commission was the commission given based from the advertiser cost for every 1 thousand view of the advertisement in their blog while cost per click commission or CPC commission was the commission that was given based on the winning cpc bid amount by the advertiser. Both of this is what used by most advertising media such as Google Adsense, Taboola, Mgid, Exoclicks and many other advertising company.

Some blogger were who are not promoting any products are highly into this kind of method to make money. Most news portal who are also using blogging platform such as WordPress also did the same. They are using all opportunity provided by these advertising media to make money for them while they concentrate on making articles for everyone to read.

But for some who are running a professional site such as service site or affiliate marketing site, publishing advertisement from advertisement company is not their choice. This is to avoid those advertisement company promoting their competitor in their website which in return could reduce their sales. For example if you are an affiliate marketer selling a diet pill and in your blog there was an advertising area which you set to produce image advertising. What do you think will happen if on your product page the advertising company was displaying advertisement from your main diet pill competitor. I believe they will click on the advertisement and will leave your site for another site who are selling the same kind of pill.

By the way, for the past years after the booming of internet, publishing advertisement from advertising media had been one of the most successful ways of making money online. The reason was it was automated, the displayed ads is not the same all the time and blogger does not need to spend time to create an eye catching and seductive advertisement.

#2 Sell space in the blog

Here is another popular way of how bloggers make money. This is widely used by affiliate marketer since their ability to control what they are going to display in their website. They can choose to wait for their space to be bought by their site visitor or they can approach potential company who are in their niche to ask them if they are interested to buy a spot in their website.

The prices for buying a space is determine by the owner of the blog. Some might cost as low as $5 per month to as expensive as $1000 per month or more. The factors that help the owner of the blog to determine the pricing were the traffic that go into the website, the length of a person will stay on the website, positioning of the space in the website and lots more.

A space that cost as low as $5 per month might be using a rotating spot. Where this space might be shared by 10 person thus increasing the owner of the blog income while maintaining low advertising price for the advertiser which will make it affordable to everyone. As for the really expensive space, which could cost until $1000 per space, it is due to high traffic into the site and the analyzed click through rate is high which will be beneficial to the advertiser itself.

So for a blogger who just started and who like to choose their advertiser, they might sell a few space. If there were 10 space of 125px x 125px that cost $5 each and shared by 10 person their estimated earning could be $500 per month and this is how a blogger make money. And for a professional blogger who have high traffic flow, they might be selling each space for $1000 and it is not shared. Their estimated earning could be $10,000 per month which could help pay the expenses of a small family of 5.

#3 Promoting affiliate marketing products on their blog

This is one of the method most of the personal blogger will resort to. Like me, when I first started I used google advertising a lot and then as time goes by, I started to join affiliate marketing and of course I promote them to my readers in my blog. This is the most preferred way to make money as the commission is much larger and if you are a niche based website it will be much easier for you to make money.

Lots of affiliate marketer only promote product that they used in their blog and they did earn much more than people who uses adsense or selling the space. This is due to the ability of the owner of the blog to promote affiliate marketing products. As it was in their blog, they are able to write anything they want to increase their visitor confidence in the product that they are promoting.

Then after they make their first successful sales, the customer who are already in the system will be introduced and reintroduced with few other product which are highly useful for them. This is an affiliate marketer up-selling method and proven to be really profitable for affiliate marketer. Thus making some of the affiliate marketer sales to reach millions of dollars per month.

#4 Promoting own product

While it is good to promote other people product as an affiliate marketer, it is actually much better to promote your own product. Thus some affiliate marketer will eventually turned into a product creator. By being the product creator, the earning might not be big as they are paying commission to their affiliate marketer, but the high volume that they get is will be the highest driving point for them to produce their own product.

So where does these affiliate marketer turned product creator promote their product? Of course they will first brag about their product in their own blog. While they are making their product, they will first make a preview to their readers in their blog to create a group of people who are interested in their upcoming product. Then after sometime, they will launch their product and other affiliate marketer will start the race to promote the product.

Other than they become a product creator, some bloggers was actually an offline seller. They are selling a physical products and they have learned how to post their product in some e-Commerce website such as Aliexpress, Amazon or eBay. And after series of education about selling products, they will learned the strong point of having a blog to sell their products. Then the will eventually become a blogger themselves and they will start promoting their products in their blog. Remember that having a blog is like having a brand of yourself which you will show to the whole world. So it will be easier for product owner to actually sell from their blog and make money from it.

#5 Promoting own Services

Some of the bloggers actually is a skilled person. They have skill that other people want and normally most of them will post their skill at Fiverr, Freelancer, Up Work or any freelance website to search for customer. But, this method will have a lot of competitions due to the numbers of people having almost the same skill sets and experience searching for jobs in these freelance website.

So what they can do was to become a blogger and post their portfolio in their own blog. Having their own blog will gives them flexibility to control how they want to display their skills in their portfolio. They can concentrate on their skill’s search engine keywords and increase their organic traffic to their blog and thus increase the chances of getting a project.

By becoming a blogger they remove all the restriction that they had in freelance website and at the same time reduce the competition since they will be facing a bigger audience and there is no “Recommended Freelancer” as shown in most of freelance website. With this they could actually get better exposure and it is much easier to create trust between them and the potential customer.

Just a side note, even though bloggers blog about their skills and put up a beautifully designed portfolio to attract their potential customer, it is still a good method to post up all their skills on the freelance websites and link back to their blog (if possible) this could increase the organic traffic coming from these freelance website.

#6 Guest Blogging

Ever heard of guest blogging? Guest blogging is like a person invited into a TV show. This method helps to make a popular TV show to have more variety and in turn will increases exposure of the invited person. On the other way round ,for a new TV show which is not popular inviting popular celebrity to join the TV show will help boost their popularity.

Same as blog, some reputable blog owner always search for guest blogger to show up in their blog. This will either happen between a less popular blog with a popular blogger or a popular blog with a good blogger. Both of this happens only when there were some interest involved.

So for blogger who are normally invited, they will actually be paid for what they posted on the blog. And the payment usually varies from how popular the blogger was or how big was the blog owner that request for a guest blogging.

For most blogger, getting the right to write into a reputable blog is equal to big opportunity to showcase their writing and make their name known to the world. Aside from making some amount of cash that will be paid by the reputable blog owner, in the long run they will get more exposure and much more people will know about them. Once they become popular, much more guest blogging offer will come and this will be a continuous source of income for them.

#7 Event organizing

When we talk about event organizing, it is not only related to offline event. Event can be hosted online too. For example, hosting top commentator event, top blog referral event and so on. The event will normally came with prizes and of course the prizes should be something that will make people to be really interested to join the event such as mobile phone, gadgets and so on.

Even this seems like blogger using money rather than making money but the reality was the purpose of the event is much greater than the prize itself. For example for blogger who have their own products, an event such as top referral will be rewarding for them. As an example, a blogger who have an eBook selling at $49, earning after minus affiliate commission was $12.25 (75% commission) and he was able to get as much as 3000 sales from his affiliate. His earning would be 3000 sales * $12.25 = $36,750 for a specific event. Then he will use estimated $10,000 of the money to rewards his user. So his final earning is $26,750 plus subscriber information which is priceless. With the information, he will be able to do a lot more thing like contacting his subscriber or potential lifetime customer easily.

Event organizing if done correctly and reach the final goal, will be highly rewarding. And in long run helps a lot for blogger to make money online. And if you went to some affiliate marketer blog, they are still using this technique until now to increase their online side income.

#8 Promoting business

Brick and mortar business or conventional business normally will need advertising but they do not have either the proper technique for advertising or large capital. So one long term advertisement for them was to get a review from blogger. And not only from a new blogger but from blogger who has decent traffic to their website, has good online reputation with loyal readers and the advertising price is within their budget.

So how blogger make money from this was they seek for these business owner either by going from business to business or if they are popular enough they do get invitation to do the promotion. Some of them will put a a contact form or contact information in their blog so that it will be easier for these business owner to contact them.

The price of promoting business is depending on the blog owner itself. They can provide review from $50 per article to even a few hundred bucks per article and the price is heavily influenced by the traffic that the blog could provide. Business owner will have huge advantage for this kind of advertising. The review about their business will be accessible by everyone as long as the blog exist and has a good reputation and in long term this is actually the cheapest paid advertising available on the net.

Most blogger still loves this way of making money as over the time they will receive a lot of offer and this will also help them in creating content for their blog. With offer coming in, endless idea for content will also be available. Thus helping the blog to prosper and rich with new content everyday.

#9 Sell Membership or Subscription

Blogger who had been publishing content for a long time will have lots of valuable content. Some of it can be turn into a premium content and will only be available to the member of the site. Any site selling a membership normally will cost from $15 per month to $69 per month or even greater.

Imagine a blog with thousands of premium contents, 1000 members and the membership cost at $19. The blog is estimated to generate around $19,000 per month. And it is a good side income for blogger who are doing it as a part time.

If you go around the internet, you will find many bloggers doing this. They let you read some of their content and for some really critical and important content, you will have to subscribe or become a member of their website. This way of making money is one of the best way for blogger to make money by using their blog. They create content all the time and when their content was really informative, people will subscribe. Plus they even provide some perks so that people tend to subscribe.

Extra information for you

Well, after reading 9 must know facts how do bloggers make money, here is something much more useful for you. Remember when I write in #3 Promoting Affiliate Marketing Products on their blog? Most of the blogger was actually trained to do so. Most of them received proper training from affiliate marketing education website such as Wealthy Affiliate, Clickbank University, Fred Lam and a few other website which most of them suggest that an affiliate marketer must host their own content. The reason why they need to host their own content was so that it will be easier for them to customize the content itself so that it will fits with the niche they are in.

By far the biggest income that a blogger can earn was through affiliate marketing. Many was earning millions of dollar per month from being an affiliate marketer but many still not making money due to lack of experience and no one to coach them. So the easiest way to actually become an affiliate marketer is by joining Wealthy Affiliate. Why I chose wealthy affiliate was due to their services that you can use for free and without you providing your card or bank information. After I wasted more than $2500 in MOBE Scam, I went to wealthy affiliate and been using their resources for free. It was easy to learn with them and I’ve been with them for almost 2 years now. Even I am with them for so long, the material is still a lot for me to use and their content was always up to date.

So I hope my post will be helpful to you. Be the first to read my post and please share. Thanks.

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