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I was reading some of  the  daily article from Dr.Mahathir and the hot issue for this weeks could be the blocking of Malaysia Today and some of the bloggers website by  the Government. This was such an issue that we will think of. Opening website such as blog means we become one of the information to the global. When we wrote something backfired the government they close our blog but when we write something backfired the opposition they did not bother what we said. As our opinions was blocked, then this will make them invisible to us. They cannot hear our voices and  they don’t want any improvement.

Taking Negitive stuff as a total negative and reject it was not a good idea. They suppose to think positive. What do they know when they sit in the office and once in a while go meet people? They know not much. They never live in poor condition. They never found other people even didn’t eat in one day.

Well we don’t know what will happen later. Maybe there will be a new law saying

– Blogs/websites/media that backfired government will be closed and the owner would be sued in the court for the article

Or law more advanced than this which totally closed the way to give ideas to government.

Below is some of the article written by DR.Mahathir

1. When a Government makes a promise to the country and then reneges on its promise, then not only will the Government lose credibility but also any respect that the public may have for it.

2. I do not often agree with and Raja Petra Kamaruddin. He had been sometimes quite irresponsible. But court action had already been taken against him. He is not above the law and if he is found guilty there are already adequate punishment that can be passed against.

3. But to break a promise and to openly show that you can meddle with the security of the internet is to expose a degree of oppressive arrogance worthy of a totalitarian stat


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