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By March 6, 2009 My Thoughts

I’ve been staying at UMS hostel for about 3 weeks now. And i’ve been looking at a major slowing down of my blog updates. UMS had provide students with a wireless that we call ums-public and this is the best connection that all the students use to see what the net are today.

Having a shared internet connection among few thousand students had make the connection become so slow and you will always feel like don’t want to use the public connection.

I’ve been thinking on buying the celcom broadband for my internet connection but this would increase the cost of my life and even the Celcom broadband is slower than a 384kbps line. So it is not worth to buy it.

In my opinion the internet service provider in Malaysia had been taking our money a lot. They are giving us an unsatisfactory internet connection where the price are quite high even for a low speed internet connection. This thing might be due  to they are the only best other than JARING. So this is the best chance for them to take advantage before the other ISP has the technology like them.

Maybe in few years coming the max speed for home user would be 30Mbps and lowest is only 4Mbps with a rate such like right now. If that were to happen it would be greatly influence the internet industry in our country.

By the way, back to the internet connection in UMS, there is this 3 days that UMS having the difficulty to access outside website. This is actually what was considered UMS Server down but actually the real server down goes to Streamyx. As this thing happen, this caused me to go back home at night and online at home for a while. This is where i notice that Streamyx are having problem and for a while i’ve notice that Streamyx service had been quite bad this recently. So Hope that there will be another ISP that might give a better service compare to Streamyx.

After all the craps I talk up there, I actually just want to tell that I will still keep updating my blog but will have a major slow down as I cannot online everyday. Hope you still read my blog.

Papa Shally

Papa Shally

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