Destiny Online Bot 1.1 raw files and Autoit

By March 17, 2010 April 25th, 2010 Gaming

Since some might have find my work on destiny bot and get difficulties on setting it up, here I would like to put the raw files for you to use. I tested it out in Destiny Online Version and it is still working.

But to make it works on your PC or Laptop, you gotta need to learn a little bit about editing the script which I have posted it before. And what most important is change the color code in the script.

Previously I have write about Destiny Bot. So if you are lost please read this;
(This script working but, my font or char make the ” different compare to the one used in AutoIt)

Back to the reality, assuming you are on the right track and you understand what we are going to do. So this are a few Major step that you need to do to have it working (I assume you already have your destiny online  running).

  1. Download AutoIt here => (you only need to download the full package)
  2. Download SciTE Editor from the same website. The sciTE editor in the full package is enough but the customize version would be better.
  3. Install both AutoIt and also Scite Editor
  4. Download this rar file  =>
  5. Extract the rar file and you will get the raw Destiny Bot 1.1
  6. Right click on the raw destiny bot 1.1 and click on edit script
  7. Now you have the SciTE editor running, please edit the value in WinwaitActive, WinSetOnTop and $win. For easy editing the value, please use AutoIt Window Info or Au3Info.exe since this program has the finder tool which you can drag it to the Destiny Bot Window to see the name of the window. You can copy paste the window name from this program directly (You gotta learn how to use this software yourself. But I guaranteed you that it is easy to use)
  8. After you edit the one in No.7 try running your bot by double clicking the script files that you already edited and saved. If it is functioning well then you are done. If it is not, please proceed to the next step
  9. Assuming it is not functioning in step No.7, then go back to the script and check on the color value which is on the PixelGetColor code. The code will be like this  PixelGetColor(461, 39) = 0x397594 where it is to be understand like this PixelGetColor(X-Coordinate, Y-Coordinate) = 0xColorCode
  10. Use AutoIt window info to change the value of the color and the coordinate of the color. But you have to follow this few steps so that it is easy for you to edit
  11. First PixelGetColor code is the bar on the center top that will appear when you click on the monster. You need to choose the coordinate at the tip of the bar so that it wont be interfere with other color such as the life color of the monster or the name of the monster which is usually in black. One tips for getting a suitable coordinate, just look on the bar and think which place will not have a color changes when you kill the monster or you have a monster with long name.
  12. Second PixelGetColor is the bar where you will need to detect your HP. Just drag the AWI (AutoIt Window Info) finder tool to your hp. The coordinate is the place you expect your bot to Auto pot. So of you want to use pot on 50% of life just drag the Finder tool to the middle of the HP.
  13. Third PixelGetColor is for your MP. Just follow the step 12 for this but make sure that you do it on your MP
  14. Fourth PixelGetColor is to see whether there is any monster selected or not. You just need to copy paste the code in 11 but make sure to change the “=” to “<>”. For example PixelGetColor(461, 39) = 0x397594 please change it to PixelGetColor(461, 39) <> 0x397594.
  15. Then Save the file and test it. If it is not functioning, please comment and let me know.

When I try it out, It is functioning very well on Warrior. You can do it for Other char too but I still have not tested it. For the time being I stop playing Destiny Online since there is loads of work that is stacking on my table. But I will still support it until Destiny Online developer work to block my script. If there is a lot of users for this script, I might open a forum site for us to discuss the bug and for support.

Hope you can use it well since I have it working great with my warrior before. One other thing, hope you can support me by telling your friend about the script.

Enjoy your game! XD


I just realize that the comment that i reply  is not replying through the commentators. So I decided to open a forum so that you will have a space to paste your code there and I can do some changes for you. here is the link to the forum :

It’s just a  newly made forum without much changes since I am busy with other things now. But I’ll reply when I am free. So just post any problems you got there.

Papa Shally

Papa Shally

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  • yuoh18 says:

    I LOVE YOU PAL NOW IT WORKS!!!! i only need to change the Winwait hahha, tnx pal hoping for updates too, btw im still studying the codes lol..

  • Shally says:

    Thats great! I would like to work to fix the genie stuff. That’s why you see in the raw code that there is the genie thingy. Also sorry for giving out unclean raw file. I just realize it. XD But it will be a great since some might have finds the solution to the genie.

  • yuoh18 says:

    yeah the genie appears and it wont stop to annoy until we buy some of hs stuff… by the way is it normal that when i log out and log in again after my PC turn off, when i logged in again in the chat box it says “Someone is using your account at _______ my IP address and you just kicked him away” …. is that normal?? for I have used the autoit on my last log in??

  • yuoh18 says:

    btw the auto pots.. if it is not instant pots it will always use pots<<< im curious why hhehe, anyway i am also expermnting how to fx it heheh… ok2x pal goodwork! and more power! pa level sa ko..

  • yuoh18 says:

    pal i found out some probs also.. this kind of boting is not good w/o our site. it atacks the players pet “LoL” goodnews i already fixed the auto pots using, the non instant potions heheh.. a success starts from a simple thing, i wll always visit here pal for update by the way my code for auto pots are
    for my HP: PixelGetColor(100, 61) 0xFF8242 50%
    MP: PixelGetColor(79, 73) 0x217DFF almost like 2%

  • downer says:

    men i cant follow…. uhm can you send me some example script??? and what will i put to the $win (, “” , 0 ,0 )..??
    give a sample please… my char is mage.. lvl 68.. monster to hunt is Wild Bull and how can i use HP and MP….???? please help…

  • Shally says:

    Owh Owh.. The example script is there.. You just need to change the value for Zebra(Robot,New) YourGameName(YourId)–version: to your window name.
    It would be Zebra(Robot,New) Limo(12345)–version: <== Note that I change the version: to version: since is the latest version now.
    You gotta learn how to use the "AutoIt Window Info" so that you can change the pixel and coordinate according to your needs.

  • yea says:

    working fine but…
    when i switch the icon “=” to”” some troubles come out
    if i let the script with the = thing the bot just walk and select the mobs(no atack or skill usage)
    and if i swtich the = to “” the bot use all the functions
    scroll potins atack etc… but keep stuck on the same place
    (didnt walk)
    can u give me a hand pls?
    ty btw nice jog (y)

  • KILL EM ALL says:

    HOW CAN I PICK A CERTAIN ITEM? or kill a certain monster? im trying to use pixelsearch and auto win but i can fix it.. will somebody help me or knows how to do it?

  • anynumous says:

    im sorry but the bot stopped walking around in a few minutes.why??

  • Shally says:

    the pick only certain item is quite hard to make using pixel search.. since a lot of pixel has the same colour. the detection is really small so there could be a lot of different colour that we cant see with bare eyes. the best using pixel search is to detect on a static area thus i think for now i could not make change on it. but if using code detection would be better, btw code detection would be consider as hacking into the game and I’m not really up for it now. A bit of knowledge on this would be very helpful. I’ll be opening a forum soon so that we can have other user who know about it to help us with it.

    I’ll be finishing my exam first XD

  • Shally says:

    I have not tested with the current version since i am busy with my final exam now.. Could you maybe paste your code here?

  • Shally says:

    Hi, I just realize your message here.. it’s auto publish on the one i already approve before but i didnt saw the notification. Can tell me more about your problem?

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