Dream of Dead Fish

By April 21, 2009 Something Strange

Today was my first exam paper for this semester. I got no comment about the exam, so I wish not to talk about it. As for today I arrive at home, I checked my mail box and was so happy to receive the mail from Yvonne Foong – The 2 shirt that I buy from her to support her. Then I go inside my house and thinking of blogging about the stuff.

When I enter my house, I directly turn on my laptop. I was totally excited to blog about the clothes that i buy. But things turn out differently. When I wait for the moment my laptop to load the windows, I got the hard disk error.

This is really annoying. By the time i wanna use the laptop, it turned out to be broken. Now I’m fixing it but there is big probability that the hard disk is broken. Now I’m using windows recovery to fix it. Hope it works.

By the way, beforeĀ  this thing happen, 2 days ago I got dream that 3 of my Koi fish died. Not sure they died because of what but the dream is like a real one. Then this morning as I suddenly remember about the dream, I called my mom and asked her about this.

She told me, usually when people dream of this, they will need to use money for something. I guess it is quite accurate as this things really happen to me.

Maybe I need to buy an hard disk or a new laptop and this will need money too. If luck is by my side, I no need to buy new hard disk or laptop.

Hope I’m lucky. Oh.. By the way, I’m blogging using my 1.6 Dual Core Ubuntu Dekstop now.. If i got mood I will blog about the shirt.. Now I need to repair my laptop first.

Papa Shally

Papa Shally

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