Even Google Sees P.Ramlee.

By March 22, 2017 August 5th, 2019 Malaysian
P.Ramlee's 88 Birthday celebrated by Google.

When I open Google today to search for something (Well you know what google for right.) I am a bit shocked to see what Google put as his main Icon.

P.Ramlee's 88 Birthday celebrated by Google.

P.Ramlee’s 88 Birthday celebrated by Google.

It’s nothing embarrassing but it is rather something that make Malaysian Proud to have P.Ramlee.

By the way only Malaysian with Malaysian IP address or Location detected in Malaysia could see this. So for those of you who did not see this in your google page today, just click on the picture above as it will redirect you to the same link as the one I see in Google page.

So why do I write something about this? It’s simple, I want to tell you that What you know about P.Ramlee was nearly all fake. Malaysian had been airing his movie everywhere and of course they earn the money without P.Ramlee earning a penny (Not sure about his linage if they earn something) and showing that how much they love P.Ramlee (while we understand there is no more special slot for P.Ramlee movies now). But, do you know that, it is Malaysian who had caused P.Ramlee to have hard life? Living in poverty due to some Malaysian who manipulate him to go back to Malaysia by telling that he can prosper in Malaysia and could be much more popular since Malaysia is much bigger than Singapore.

It is hard to swallow but, this is the reality that P.Ramlee had to face during his years back in Malaysia until his last breath. So Malaysian, just understand that it is not about being proud of P.Ramlee making an icon for Google. But feel a bit shameful even it is not our generation who had done that. Feel sorry for him and of course pray for his good life in the afterlife. May God Bless P.Ramlee and put his souls between those who are the most faithful to God.

And also understand that, P.Ramlee is not living a good life in Malaysia. Not because Malaysia is not a good place to live but there exist people who promise everything but finally ditch them thus causing them to face all the hardship in life. Well you know that it still exist until now.

If you want to read more, please click on the link below.

Face the truth and learn the history well.

P Ramlee: A tragedy that no Talent Corp could have saved

Read more: https://www.malaysiakini.com/letters/147582#ixzz4c3d4gpCw

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