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By May 30, 2009 Bloggership, HotOnBlog

Facebook is one of the largest social networking in the world. It has a lot of function that make yourself addicted of playing it. As for me, I also had been playing a lot of its application and had become one of facebook addict.

By the way, now i would like to talk more about one function in facebook. This function is what called pages in facebook. You are given a big opportunity to wide spread your blog when you are using this function.You may visit  Facebook pages if you are interested.

With facebook page you are able to make a page or a group for your blog inside facebook. By making one, you are actually getting more readers from facebook itself.  Just keep this in mind, the first readers for your blog would be your family and then your friend.

By inviting them to join this group, the probability of your pages to be visited is getting higher. Let take this in numbers. 7 of 10 people who join your group will actually visit your site and 3 of 7 people who visit your site would actually become your readers but this is only if you have a good quality article inside.

So just think if you invited your thousand friends to join you, your blog would have been known to lots of people out there. Isn’t this is a good outcome??

When I have this calculated, I actually found out that it is very interesting and I did try to have my own page in facebook.  The outcome has not yet been so successful but i bet it will be in the coming few years. But even if it does not success, it won’t matter as there is other way that I do to make my blog to be more expose to the world andi did not use any money to have this.

By the way, if you own a blog and wish your blog to get more exposure, why not try it. You won’t get hurt when trying it so why not get your own Facebook page.

Papa Shally

Papa Shally

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