Facebook for your business.

By July 23, 2019 Review
Facebook For Your Business

When I started my blog (Hot On Blog) in around 2008, I was into making money online through google adsense and some other publisher account. Well, I had been making decent money enough to pay for my car fuel and some entertainment money. Over the years my blog had been in a non productive year as I was busy with work until i found MOBE and learn deeper about social media marketing by using Facebook.

What I like about social media marketing by using Facebook is, most of my family and friends is in Facebook. Some of them is of course using instagram but still Facebook is much more preferable for most of the people that I know. And what’s more, over the time Facebook is evolving attracting most of us to spent almost all the hour in Facebook.

What is Facebook? Facebook is the largest social media and was founded by Mark Zuckerberg (well this is not entirely his idea).The innovation and functionality of Facebook sparks the interest in everyone until lots of the people who are not interested with online life started to go online with their mobile phone (thanks to the advancement of mobile phone) and spent many hours everyday peeking at their family and friends daily life, finding entertainment and so on.

These changes also creates opportunity to those who are doing business. Before Facebook there was Ebay and Amazon which brings business online. But then Facebook socialize business where business owner is able to naturally promote their product with their family, friends and to anonymous in their profile updates. This had then become a trend. People starts updating their Facebook profile with the products that they sell so that they could earn extra income. Some people even do this to earn for their living.


Not all was successful. By luck, some do it right the first time and then the second time they do it, they fail. For some other people, they never make a sales and they finally give up doing it. The reason for the failure is due to the higher competition in Facebook. At a larger audience in Facebook, the competition will be large too. And you will meet with fierce competitor who will be much more creative and who might be much better than you.

Meeting this kind of competitor which does not show you any weakness could crush your spirit. But this is not the end of the line. If you realize, Facebook had been showing sponsored posts and videos in your profile. This posts and videos was sponsored by business owner through Facebook Ads platform and it is naturally injected to your feeds so that you will feel that it is a posts or videos by someone who are in your friend list.

The fact that Facebook Ads competition is much lower was well known. This lower competition is due to most business owner is not using it as they does not know how to use it. Even if some know how to use Facebook Ads platform, their inability to use it correctly and effectively caused their advertisement to fail. So if you are either one of those, I would suggest that you take the Facebook Ads course.

Facebook Ads Course will tell you about how Facebook ads works and how you can set up a high converting advertisement that will boost your sales. This course will also explain why updating to your Facebook profile is not enough to give you sales, what other techniques you can use to optimize your advertisement to win the competition, split testing for producing highly converting advertisement and many more.

Other than when you enroll in Facebook Ads Course you will gain 9 others valuable bonuses such as internet business model, 35 ways tripling website traffic and much much more. So if you are interested in this, check Facebook Ads course now.

Papa Shally

Papa Shally

Have been blogging since 2008 and been making this as a side income. Loves travelling, spending time with family and tweak new way of making money online. Was graduated as a Chemical Engineer and currently pursuing life as an Environmental Engineer. Having fun with life where; Life = Work Satisfaction + Family Time + Making Money Online + Learn New Things.

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