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I’m a bit boring right now mabye because of the comng exam. So, just today I went out and buy some new fish. I think this has been my hobbies since Mei where my first fish was Koi.

About the fish that i bought today, It was;
3 Fairy Tails
3 Orandas
2 Male Guppies
6 Subunkins (this Looks like Koi but the tail are longer)

Enjoy the pictures..

Something about Fairy tails and orandas, this fish was actually looks like gold fish anyway for oranda, it’s heads will get bigger when they’re old. Then for fairy tails their tail were long.

Previously in my aquarium there is 1 goldfish, 1 oranda (that’s the big one you see in the picture), 3 fighting fish (2 female and 1 male), 2 female guppies. ┬áThen add with 14 fishes that i bought today make it all 21. ┬áBut 1 male guppy died today make it 13 + 7. Quite a good number(13 i mean). Hope they all will get bigger. I was wondering about the fighting fish, i mix them in this aquarium but the male did not approach to fight the female. It happens a few times that the female will die when they were mixed together. Maybe the tank was so big for them and there is a plenty of places they can hide that it makes them survive until now. Not hoping for them to fight but hope them will breed. Anyway now is not the breeding season so mixing them now will be just great.

You see from the pictures that there is one picture of my Koi. The biggest right now and right here was 2 and a half finger. Back at my hometown, i think they’re about 3 or 4 fingers in body wide. This is my favourite fish and my future plan was to breed a lot of them and import some japanese koi to be breed in my place. I have some plan of being a part time breeder for fish but it’ll take time and money. Then I’ll do it later on. Let right now i spend my time experimenting this fish.

A Place I Recommend
After all the crap above, I’d like to recommend you a place to buy fish back in Sabah.
The shop was called ‘Harvest Fish’. Their main fish there was Arowana, Koi, Guppies and Gold FIsh Family (Oranda, Ryukin, Fairy tails and etc). The price cheaper compare to some shop in Kota Kinabalu. I’m one of their loyal costumer. Other things that you can found here was, other kind of small fish, Water plants, animals accessories, stones, pets foods, and much more. Spend your time visiting this place as there is lots of interesting stuff about this place.
They also decorate aquarium with reasonable price and the decoration was awsome. If you are newbies in this fishing world, this shop was a great place to go.

The location should be, in Jalan Bundusan before Wong Kwok Industrial Park. The shop are quite hidden behind some hardware shop infront. Anyway If you go along jalan Bundusan from Bukit padang, you need to go straight until you see the junction to May Flower Restaurant (which is on your right). But that is not the junction, go straight a bit and you’ll find a hardware shop. After the hardware shop there is a junction, turn to the junction, and just follow the road without taking any other junction then you will see Harvest Fish not far. That’s the only fish shop there.

If you were from Penampang baru, drive straight until you find a roundabout before a wood factory. Go straight some more until you see a junction before a hardware shop. Then turn to the junction and you will have to go straight and will find harvest fish there.

If my explanation was confusing, it is my bad. I don’t have a map for that anyway i’ll draw for you as soon as i’m not busy and if i remember. If i haven’t write the map for you, please remind me by commenting or emailing me.

Papa Shally

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