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By April 13, 2009 Bloggership, Health

Today, I wake up and visit some site to read something interesting in the blog world. Then I came to this one site – Yvonne Foong. She is a columnist in some of the local news papers and she had published her own books.

The thing that caught my mind was, she is actually fighting with the 5cm brain tumor. She will undergo a surgery to remove the tumor from her brain this 6th of may 2009 and it will be quite a painful experience to her. So in order for her to undergo this surgery, there is a sum of money in which she need our little help so that the medical expenses could be covered.

I’ve just email her after I reach home from UMS. I’m interested to buy her shirt if they are able to ship to Sabah. It would be great to have the shirt as it will be the memory of helping her out. So, if you are interested to help her, you could also join me to buy the shirt from her.

I know that now is the recession period for everyone. But it’s just amazing that She work on her own to raise fund for the surgery. She become a bloggers and keep on writing stuff for us to read. She work on to solve her financial problem which caused by the medical expenses. But for us, we have normal life. Some might be having hard life but some do have a comfortable life. We don’t face all the pain that she face. So why not we lend her a hand so that the medical expenses burden could be lowered.

If there is 60,000 good human read this post and would like to donate at least RM1, that would be enought to help her to cover the expenses. So if you are one of those who want to help, why not try to lend a hand now by buying her shirt or maybe telling your other friends about this. I guess if you are not able to buy the shirt, donate a small amount of money or circulate the news will really means a lot.

Papa Shally

Papa Shally

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