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By February 15, 2009 My Thoughts

I was currently busy with work and schoolwork and this make me decide to move back to hostel in UMS. By the way when I survey the internet connection that i might get if i transfer there, I think back of not transferring as I could not access internet from my room. This would mean that i will net be able to check out my websites, check email, update this blog and do lots more online stuff.

This hurt me a lot but for the sake of going early to class and start concentrating my life more to my studies, I’ll just transfer there.
Anytime i want to get connected, i could go to the cafeteria or go to Engineering schools to online. This would best stop me online until 3 or 4 am in the morning.

So for the new day that starts tomorrow, i’ll be living in university from sunday night to wednesday evening, after wed eve i’ll go back home for one day and then to UMS from thursday night to friday eve, also the weekends is in my house or back to tambunan.

Now that i think of it, this will give me more attach to my books and assignment and less attach to my computer. Anyway I still have my weekends and wednesday night to play internet and update my site.

Hope after all the sacrifice, i could be a better student.

Papa Shally

Papa Shally

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